Netflix has been on a roll when it comes to its original KDrama shows. While we’re expected to have season 2 of Squid Game, Netflix has a new KDrama that’s very interesting with Doona! Those who love following the KPop scene will be intrigued by its plot, where the titular character (Suzy) leaves the KPop spotlight to live with college student Lee Won-Jun (Yan Se-Jong).

In a world where KPop fans fantasize about being friends and (to an extent) being in a relationship with their favorite idols, Doona! brings a unique and complicated plot that goes beyond the relationship between Doona and Won-Jun.

A visual feast

While the show draws attention to Suzy, who used to be a KPop ideal and has one of the best visuals in the KPop scene, there’s no denying that the cast of Doona! is overflowing with visuals. Se-Jong himself is a looker, and his two other love interests—Kim Jin-Ju (Shin Ha-Young) and Choi I-ra (Park Se-Wan) are also visually stunning. Beyond being stunning visuals, Suzy, Ha-Young, and Se-Wan did a great job of channeling their characters in portraying their complicated lives that revolve around Won-Jun in one way or another.

Well-explained back stories

We initially thought that the series should have been titled “Won-Jun’s Harem” because of how he is linked to three different girls. However, one great element with Doona! is that it gave justice in explaining the back stories of each major character in the story. Through those 9 episodes, the series was able to explain the backstory behind the lives of Won-Jun, I-Ra, Jin-Ju, and Doona, making you understand why their lives are complicated in one way or another.

I-Ra’s back story as Won-Jun’s childhood sweetheart and Jin-Ju’s complicated relationship with Won-Jun as his soul mate gave further depth to Won-Jun’s character as his personality clashes with Doona’s personality–from avoiding to fall for one another to eventually admitting their feelings for one another.

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While the ending of Doona! is not the kind of happy ending everyone wanted–it’s clear that the main message of the series is self-love and finding happiness in one’s self.

Tailor-made for Suzy

If it’s not obvious enough, Suzy is the perfect actress to play the titular character given that she herself used to be a KPop idol, being part of Miss A from 2010 to 2017. Save for Doona’s habitual smoking of expensive cigarettes, it appeared that Suzy was able to channel all of the struggles of being a KPop idol–where sometimes fame can lead to immense pressure under the spotlight.

Suzy’s stellar portrayal of the titular character also comes a a time when people are more are aware of the struggles that KPop idols go through–especially when it comes to their mental health. The complex character of Doona–from being flirtatious to breaking down badly–best shows the mental struggles that idols go through, regardless if they are famous or up-and-rising personalities.

Doona! gets a 9/10 on our Hype meter. While Suzy and her excellent portrayal of a KPop idol who has a lot of struggles in life is certainly the main draw of this series, Doona! is great at exploring the importance of self-love and finding happiness with one’s self–regardless if your are meant to be with someone or not.

And to complete Suzy’s characterization of Doona, here’s a music video that brings us back to Suzy’s idol days:


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