Sean Wotherspoon is definitely his own entity. He is a multi-hyphenate on his own: thrift connoisseur/businessman and part-owner of Round Two, a self-confessed advocate of veganism,  an environmental advocate, and a designer with the most iconic shoes under his name.

Enter his latest collaboration with adidas. Not just any other collaboration like he did in the past, the adidas Superturf Adventure shoe pulls out all the stops. Let’s just say this shoe is one of his craziest and most cause-oriented yet.

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What’s New?

Practically a shoe that has Sean’s DNA written all over it, this is his own silhouette. That means he’s been involved with its creation from the get-go which adds that cool creator factor.

Can you name a shoe this colorful with a Disney cosign? Jiminy Cricket can be found on the tongue of the shoe as a nod to Wotherspoon’s Disney obsession. The shoe can exist with or without it but it’s a nice touch!

The same goes for the crazy pouch which you can use separately as a coin or cardholder. Again, I personally would just use it separately as it’s kind of weird and off-putting on feet.

A shoe that boasts of all vegan and recycled materials, this shoe offers something very noble to the table. As we are all heavy consumers, it also comes with a huge responsibility and Sean uses this as a medium for his advocacy.

The Fit and the Sizing

By all means, go for your true size with these as they are comfortable from the get-go. Designed as a hybrid runner with hiking attributes, this shoe is versatile as it can bounce between urban adventures and nature trips. The traction is exceptional and the overall bounce courtesy of the adiPrene midsole cushioning is mindblowing.

I’ve personally been using this shoe for 10 days straight on an average of 10km per session and I can’t complain. They’ve been awesome foot companions in my daily runs and walks. Did I say they are so damn comfy? I also have this feeling they’ll last for a long time!

Where to Buy Them?

Currently available via the adidas site and all other adidas branches for just Php 8500, this shoe is a great choice if you want a pair that screams fun with an underlying cause. Who says fun can’t be purposeful? With a shoe that’s this wild that leaves little imprint or impact on the environment, what’s not there to love? Highly recommended!

Speaking of adidas, here’s why you should be excited about the adidas Brand Center in Manila. 


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