The Air Jordan 1 is basically the foundation of everything sneaker culture is built on. Without that fateful Air Jordan 1 Bred commercial, this collecting contagion wouldn’t be as crazy as it is.

Similar to the Nike Dunk, the Air Jordan 1 has been getting A LOT of colorways left and right. Some are hits and misses, but when they do hit it on the spot we shouldn’t be sleeping.

Such is the case for this Air Jordan 1 Pollen Highs. We were blessed to score this at retail from the Nike Park Online Store. The best of all is that we had the chance to pick our size and checkout with no hassles; retail gang baby!

You don’t see a box like this everyday.

Upon the pair’s arrival, we are faced with a unique black and yellow box, a sign that this is not your run-of-the-mill release. We love it when Nike and Jordan Brand throws us a curveball and leads you to think: “Man, this is something else.”

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Ironically, there is no historical explanation for this release. It’s basically a black and yellow Air Jordan 1, no games have been played by the GOAT wearing these or some backstory. This is basically a new colorway on a Jordan 1 High DONE RIGHT.

The Materials 

This is where this shoe far outshines its recent release counterparts. Let’s exclude the impossible to get Travis Air Jordan 1s (all iterations of them) for a minute.

A General Release (GR) mainly, this one just plays the part of a deluxe sneaker. The yellow leather is so good to the touch, while the pebbled black sections deliver the news that this shoe means serious biz. It’s the materials that give you the winning edge here.

The shoe’s quality also far exceeds a shoe that this one is often compared to: the Nike Dunk Black/Yellow. If that Dunk is the appetizer for quality, well these Jordan 1s are the main course and we’d love to dig in. Practically no comparison.

Peep that leather.

What’s New? 

Probably the colorway in itself. It’s been a rare thing to see yellow on an actual GR Air Jordan 1. This one looks vintage, which may lead you to think these came out of the ’80s but no–this is a new release, and people are happy to see it.

An added plus too if you’re into this small group called Wu-Tang Clan, because personally, that’s what grabbed our attention: the black and yellow colorway. Hell, we’ll throw in the obvious as well, because you know what it is…

The Sizing

We are glad to announce that you won’t have to make any adjustments. These are TTS (True To Size) so whatever worked for you in the past, go for it. Given that Jordan 1’s do adjust to the shape of your feet over time, these will look great!

Where To Buy Them?

Currently sold out everywhere, the good news is that the resell price tag is not far from retail. Sold for Php 9095, you can still get a pair for around Php 11k to 12k depending on your size range. Not bad for a resale price since these Jordans go crazy on the secondary market.

Nike Air Jordan 1 “Pollen” High Verdict 

From the materials, the colorway down to the new packaging, it’s safe to say that these Air Jordan 1’s will go down as one of the best releases this year. Maybe not fetching too much of a profit margin if you’re looking to resell, but definitely a value for money drop!

Speaking of yellow Jordans, do these Pollen Air Jordan 1 Lows look as good? 


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