Art is universal. That is an understatement when it comes to applying it in various mediums. Long gone are the days when it can only be appreciated in galleries and public presentations. They can be worn, enjoyed, and even skated in without guilt.
Sneakers and art have always been kindred spirits. Artists have seen shoes as the perfect platform to display their works as they look better when worn. In street culture, art can never be taken away from the equation. From skaters to graffiti writers, to painters and even musicians- there’s just a solid connection that can’t be denied.
Enter this latest collaboration from DC Shoes and Jean-Michel Basquiat featuring the Manual Hi. This pair from the collection is a standout as it’s simple yet loud in its unique special way.

What’s New? 

The Manual Hi is heralded as one of the best models DC Shoes for graphic heavy collaborations like this one from Basquiat. Done up in camouflage with “King Pleasure” on the midsole, the shoe seamlessly combines the painting with the camouflage colorway. This makes for an interesting shoe that’s gallery-worthy–both for casual use and skateboarding.

The Fit and the Sizing 

Canvas sneakers are known to stretch over time for a more comfortable feel. That being said, we say go true to size on this one. In our humble opinion, this shoe will look better worn and beat. Imagine some rips and tears here and there? Fire!

Where to Buy them? 

Available at all fine DC Shoes branches in the Metro and their official online store,  it’s available for Php 3990 a pair and are flying off the shelves really fast. If you are enthralled by Basquiat’s works, then this Manual Hi will hold a special place in your heart.
The DC Shoes X Basquiat Manual Hi Verdict 
If you want a pair fit for the art gallery as much as your skate shoe collection, then go for it. The best thing about this shoe is that you can own a Basquiat-related piece without paying a fortune. Highly recommended!
In other news, we just unboxed an adidas X Ivy Park Forum Mid. Check out our up close and personal review here.


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