It takes a lot of bravado and resources for a clothing brand (especially a local one) to release a pair of shoes. With all challenges withstanding, it’s a major step up and a refreshing sight to see.

Enter HGHMNDS Clothing‘s first-ever foray into footwear with the Decadence. We cannot help but be excited at the idea of it; the idea that local clothing brands may all explore such rich possibilities.

The Materials

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The shoe is decked out in this nice leather material with long haired suede. Since the shoes are done up in black, the shoe feels like a cohesive unit rather than an all over the place offering. The packaging feels pretty well put together as well.

Given that the owner, rapper Omar Baliw comes from a skate background, he sure prioritized that the shoe can stand some beating. Maybe that’s why the choice for an all black shoe is more on the practical side than for show.

What’s New? 

What’s new is that this is the brand’s first ever shoe release. Dropping in at limited quantities of 200 pairs, this shoe marks more exciting things to come for the brand. If you’re in the market for a shoe that’s new to the eyes, then this may be right up your territory.

We could not emphasize more that this is a local brand, and that the Decadence is simply and truly Pinoy

The Sizing

Do take note that they come in full sizes only so it’s either you size up or down. We got our pair in our normal size and they do fit a bit snug. But then, the panels are done up in suede so they will stretch out a bit. The leather is not really the hard kind, so they will crease well with continuous wear.

Where to Buy Them?

Now available online via their official Lazada store, this shoe just dropped a few hours ago. Best to add them to cart, as they will be gone fast (there are around 24 pairs still available as of this writing). They may also be available through the brand’s physical stores but we highly recommend you get them online.

HGHMNDS Decadence Sneaker Verdict

For the price point of Php 2400, you can never go wrong with a shoe that is designed primarily to beat the ground in. All black, suede, and leather, a traditional skate shoe that takes you a bit to the days of baggy pants and yes, decadence. Definitely a must-cop.

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