Sneakers and toys definitely go together!

Toys, sneakers, and good old design will always be kindred spirits. They all make our hearts skip a beat! Whether it be a toy or a holy grail pair, the heartbreak is inevitable when we take the L–meaning we lost our chance to cop at retail.
Well, WETWORKS and CLOGTWO, both pushers of the craft and visual artform, are in collaboration to bring us the Deadstock MS Mechasoul Edition! The prototype shots promise at what seems to be a thing of hype/mech beauty. Of course, let’s not forget our obsession with sneakers which is captured perfectly through the prototype photos!
Aside from it looking the part, the best aspect of the affair is that the toy will have some articulation which makes it all the more exciting. Dynamic poses for photoshoots? Bring it on!
Definitely interesting!
There’s no drop date yet for this cool crossover toy, so we willl be on standby via their channels for updates!
Photos from The Toy Chronicle.


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