In recent years, Korean dramas have been on the rise as more and more quality movies and series pop up. There are several streaming services that offer amazing titles for fans of K-Dramas. Netflix, however, is quickly making waves in the genre as the company has been on a roll in producing quality content for the huge fanbase. Adding on to the growing list of must-watch Korean series from Netflix is the socio-political thriller, Squid Game. We were definitely curious regarding the hype surrounding this show so we took it on ourselves to check out the first three episodes of the series. Here’s our spoiler-free review of the Netflix series, Squid Game:

An Overview of Squid Game

Netflix’s latest Korean drama tells the story of 456 financially struggling citizens as they are invited to play a mysterious competition with the stakes on an all-time high. Little do they know, the competition is composed of traditional children’s games that must be completed with a huge cash prize in store for the winner. The price and each game come at a cost however when the participants discover that they are also playing for their lives as well.

Realistic Acting

In the first few episodes of Squid Game, Lee Jung-Jae’s performance as he plays the role of the lead character Seong Gi-Hun may seem excessive. However, as we continue watching, we are inevitably reeled into the character’s facial expressions and performance. Because of this, each tragedy Seong Gi-Hun experiences is shared by the audience.

A Familiar Story With a Fresh Perspective

Squid Game Doesn't Waste Its Brutal Premise - Den of Geek

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The concept of a high-stakes survival game is nothing new to the big screen. In fact, works such as Maze Runner, The Platform, and The 3% all tackle the similar premise of undergoing a challenge to survive. However, what is highly impressive about Squid Game is the absence of loopholes and miscalculations in production. Every choice each character makes has been well thought out by the directing team behind the scenes.

Unexpected Twists and Turns

Further adding to the success and intriguing effect of Squid Game is the series’ unexpected plot twists. While the characters are obviously fooled in the show, we are equally as fooled due to the quick turn of events and creative plot. With this, even if the premise of the show remains the same, we are constantly shocked as we uncover more information about the characters, their history, and the reason for the existence of the Squid Game.

‘Squid Game’ Review verdict

Squid Game Review – But Why Tho? A Geek Community

Overall, as seen in our review, the Netflix original Korean series Squid Game definitely deserves all the praise and hype surrounding it. Whether or not you’re a fan of Korean film or survival games, Squid Game caters to all fans of interesting series’ in general. Just keep in mind that the show does not hold back on showing the gore and blood involved in the inhumane practices carried throughout the show. Therefore for all our parent viewers, added discretion is needed for younger audiences.

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