As we are on the tail end of 2022, adidas Basketball unveiled their 2023 collection, which marks one of the first premium offerings from the brand. With the collection aptly called Chapter 01, the premium minimalist approach of all the pieces are part of adidas’ “Remember the Why” brand ethos, which focuses on basketball culture and serves a call to give empasis to the game itself.

“You never forget the first time you pick up a basketball,” adidas Basketball Global General Manager Eric Wise said. “We hope that this new era of adidas Basketball will remind everyone that the most important part of doing anything is why you started in the first place.”

With muted colors that consists of Halo Green, Metal Grey and Cloud White, the collection features a straightforward branding of the brand’s performance logo, along with basketball wording at the bottom. Pieces from the collection include basketball tees and shorts, hoodies, sweatpants, long sleeve tees, sleeveless tees and sweatshirts, track jackets and crew sweatshirts.

The entire collection is available at select adidas stores and at adidas online with the following prices:

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  • Basketball Sleeveless Tee – Php 1,700
  • Basketball Tee – Php 2,500
  • Basketball Long Sleeve Tee – Php 3,100
  • Basketball Short – Php 3,300
  • Basketball Sleeveless Sweatshirt – Php 3,300
  • Basketball Crew Sweatshirt – Php 4,500
  • Basketball Sweatpants – Php 4,800
  • Basketball Hoodie – Php 5,200
  • Basketball Track Jacket – Php 5,200


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