Nowadays, it’s just to easy to fall for the more popular side of things. Whether it be, clothing, toys, music and of course shoes, people will always go for the more “hype” side of the spectrum. We’ve all gone that route and sometimes, the stuff we fiended for 6 months ago or so, end up being laughed at and just charged to experience. Pretty sad if you ask me.

But then, there are the tried and true classics that no matter how many times they release, they just don’t go out of style. It may be the history behind it, or the look and feel it gives off but it just won’t die.

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The Air Max 90 Infrared, now re-dubbed as the Airmax III “Radiant Red” is a shoe that will remain timeless. From the US to Japan to Germany, these shoes are heralded as one of the best Nike shoes EVER. A bold claim–but many fans and experts swear by it. Hell, we can’t even remember how many times this shoe dropped (our conservative guess is around at least 5 retro iterations). These are like Jordans that will release again and again!

Whether it’s because of the colors that just pop at you and can be spotted miles away, you just can’t ignore the damn things.

All Airmax 90 Photos by Brianne Jacobe 

Ever heard of the infamous “jean lay” criteria? It’s the way your shoes look with jeans draped on. Whether you got dad pants on or the most advanced tech cargoes, these never fail. It’s just that nice cut and orientation and how it gives the wearer added height as if your feet are riding some advanced vehicle. Engineered by the legend Tinker Hatfield, one cannot deny its staying power.

The best thing about the Air Max 90 Infrared is that it almost has no resale value. While it gets sold out easily, try looking hard enough and these things are floating in your size at near retail. We can’t say the same for other iconic shoes of this caliber.

Also, unlike shoes that beg to be hidden or stashed away in glass cases for some soon to come sneaker event, these things beg to be worn ALL THE TIME. The best of all is that you wouldn’t even need to flex them. Getting compliments on the shoe you’re wearing because they are expensive is a regular thing. But a shoe this affordable? You don’t even need to flex these; just rock them and look good the whole damn day. 

Another shoe that’s becoming more and more affordable by the day are these Cobalt Nike Dunks, read about them here.

*Photos by Brianne Jacobe 


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