We all know that summer can be a pain, and during its final days for 2020, the heat seems to become more and more unbearable. Aside from lugging a tumbler or wearing cool light clothes, it seems to be our feet getting the least love and man, we can’t really rock sandals or slippers. Yes, they may be comfy but with the hellish heat of the asphalt? It’s only a matter of time before they burn to a crisp!

Elevate your shoe and style game by way of these four kick ass adidas joints. Not only do they look good, they are guaranteed to keep you chill, calm and collected as you go about your day. PLUS, they look as good as any shoe in your collection, some even better!

adidas Climacool Vent Summer.Rdy 

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Are you the one who’s out and about and clocking the distance? Then it must be a pain for you to find a pair that can endure the heat! You need a shoe that has the same ironclad will and power as you.

Guaranteed to keep the hear at bay even at the most challenging of temperatures, the Climacool Vent Summer.Rdy Shoes is a pair that is made for the hottest days out there.

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Created with a breathable knit upper as well as a vented midsole that features cool cushioning, Manila’s urban heat will be challenged and put into place once you’ve traversed the streets with this one!
adidas Climacool Vent Summer.Rdy Ltd

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There is none to gain if you don’t train right? Counter the heat with some good ol’ determination and hit the heat wave with the adidas Climacool Vent Summer.Rdy LTD, equipped with a lightweight feel as well as 360 degrees of cooling ventilation.

One more for the features list? The tongue changes color when exposed to direct sunlight! Nothing gets cooler than that!

adidas Ultraboost Summer.Rdy 

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Are you totally getting restless and can’t wait for the heat to subside? Are you the type who just goes for the jugular just because? If you have a thing with challenging high temperatures, then the Ultraboost Summer.Rdy is your go to pair.

Featuring a lightweight and breathable monofilament knit upper, they lead to transparent window-like panels that open to a breeze.

Not only that, the responsive cushioning sits on top of a transparent outsole that adds to more ice than your local Halo Halo can hold.

adidas Pulseboost HD Summer.Rdy

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Got a heart for running and the spirit of summer? Well, you would need a pair to keep up with your passion! The adidas Pulseboost HD Summer.Rdy features mesh uppers with ventilations in the right places to veer away heat and moisture!

The shoe also features firm and responsive cushioning that enables and energy return to your stride so you can elevate your running game even during these punishing times.

So there it is, a list of our recommended adidas summer joints! Make sure you check out the links and take your pick. This Is Hype PH guarantees all of them are cool pairs to rock for the wee days of summer! Rock, run, pose in them and beat the heat!











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