Just recently, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry announced his own new brand alongside Under Armour. As Curry Brand just dropped globally on December 1, it makes its debut with the release of its first sneaker: Curry Flow 8.

While we have seen Curry’s strong influence on the past seven silhouettes of sneakers done by Under Armour, the Curry Flow 8 will be the first of its kind. Two design elements setting this sneaker apart is the all-new Curry Brand branding and the use of UA Flow, Under Armour’s newest cushioning platform.

While these new elements are introduced, we are still met with the familiar aesthetic Steph Curry has built over the past years. The lightweight UA Flow that delivers enhanced traction, ground-contact cushioning, and a strong grip assists in providing a sleek pair of sneakers.

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In addition, the highly advanced and complex outsole is very intriguing and compliments the otherwise simple upper. Overall, we are presented with a complete package – getting the job done both on and off the court. This is why, to no surprise, the Curry Flow 8 is known as Under Armour’s most technically innovative basketball shoe to date.

“The UA team moved mountains to bring this innovation to life. I can’t tell you how good this feels on my feet and I’m hyped to wear it for years to come.” -Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is definitely excited to rock the pair, and if you are to, expect the sneaker to release on December 11 for $160 (~Php 7.7k). For more information, head over to Under Armour’s Official Website. What are your thoughts on this sneaker? Let us know in the comments below!


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