Truly, the worst situations bring out the best in everyone. The same goes for streetwear brands who maximize their branding to deliver messages that would propel their fanbase not only to be fashionable and “lit”, that it’s also fashionable to be aware and actually do something worthwhile. It’s not all flossing and fits, it’s also what the brands can do.

It’s so refreshing to see local brands who are taking a stand and taking their advocacies out in the open. It goes to prove that it’s not just branding and looking cool for the next IG post, it’s also about taking something you believe in, drawing inspiration from that and coming up with a design or graphic that has a strong message.

[hfcm id="9"] [hfcm id="14"] [hfcm id="20"] [hfcm id="24"] has recently collaborated with WWF in their mission to safeguard and take care of our wildlife. The brand has announced that 100% of their proceeds will go to WWF to help fund the group’s programs which gets a full 100% thumbs up here at This Is Hype.

The world has been going through one crazy roller-coaster ride as communities worldwide are affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, putting our shared home at stake. As much as people want to be involved, our current situation prevents us from leaving our homes to do so. Hence, it poses the question: who’s taking care of the outdoors amid this pandemic? Our shared world is still vulnerable and exposed to a variety of natural and man-made disasters out there. 

However, we don’t have to be outdoors to make an initiative.

These past few months have shown that we can take action in our own homes, as social media has been a powerful medium to raise awareness and encourage others to be involved.

That is why we’re taking it indoors with our Stay at Home, Safe at Home campaign. We will be collaborating with WWF Philippines to launch limited-edition shirts, where 100% of the proceeds will go to WWF-Philippines’ conservation programs. 

 At Episodes, we want to raise awareness about current issues and perspectives around us, while bringing people together to support this cause, and support the lives of those who support ours. We have to go the extra mile in caring for our world, and remember that nature is present around us and provides the resources we need. Without these resources, communities wouldn’t be able to survive.

We stand by WWF’s movement to #ChangeTheEnding for our world, wildlife, and their habitats. 

 Stay at home, safe at home, but don’t forget, we have to protect our shared home.

-Sam Nubla for

Make a statement, help a cause, buy the tee! The tees will be made available on June 19, Friday 7PM PHT exclusively on




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