Streetwear is a medium—a strong one that has a voice and fangs if need be. It also is a movement in which it promotes an open mind and open arms to different cultures and ways.

Streetwear can tackle anything under the sun and that’s what most people forget. It’s not all about swag, it’s all about consciousness and taking a stand in what you believe in.

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In this case, local brand IMPLICIT shatters all forms of close mindedness and machismo with their latest collection, and here’s what the collection has to say: 

“Love is vast, universal and infinite.

It requires compassion and understanding. It’s critical that we don’t lose sight of how much further we can go when it comes to love.

Always remember that Love wins, EVERY. DAMN. TIME.” 

June 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of annual LGBTQ+ Pride traditions. The first Pride march in New York City was held on June 28, 1970 on the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Primary sources available at the Library of Congress provide detailed information about how this first Pride march was planned, and the reasons why activists felt so strongly that it should exist. – Library Of Congress

Check out the collection at IMPLICIT

Photos by Aly Mananquil


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