Founded in 1921, Gucci has become one of the world’s most coveted luxury brands, featuring a line of fragrances, bags, clothing & apparel, and makeup. Design brands have joined the atleisure game, with Gucci at the forefront.

Things are getting even more exciting in the world of Gucci. That’s because you can play designer and craft your very own virtual sneaker at Gucci’s Sneaker Garage, a newly launched feature of the Gucci application. It takes inspiration from a garage being a breading ground for new ideas and breakthroughs. Users can match uppers and soles, and choose their preferred colors to create their dream sneaker. 

Gucci partnered with designers Helen Kirkum, Michael Cutini, Mattias Gollin, Rudy Lim, Bodega Rose, Haram With Sugar, Ghica Popa, Jemma Mason, Christopher Chan, Pix Sellers, Delphine Dénéréaz, and long-time Friend of the House, Trevor Andrew, to create material that users can make use of when creating.

The application was pretty fun to use. My only wish that it becomes for customizable in the future. Here are some of my experiments.

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The application also features the world’s very first virtual sneaker, imagined and designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele: the Gucci Virtual 25. Users can purchase access to virtually try on the sneakers, and wear them in other virtual words.

Awesome stuff, isn’t it?

If you rather prefer something minimalistic, check out Pharrell’s Triple Black collection.


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