Simple tweaks make this collab work

2020 is the Superstar’s 50th anniversary, and adidas has a lot in store for the legacy sneaker. These include new takes on the shell toe sneaker and collabs from key streetwear brands. These include collabs from Jonah Hill, Prada, and Disney.

For the latest collab, adidas tapped NIGO’s Human Made brand for a subtle collab.

Human Made’s take includes its heart logo on the heel, heart-shaped perforations, and a slogan on the three stripes that says “Gears For Futuristic Teenagers”. We’re not sure what that means, but we’re sure that the Superstar is a timeless design that will always be iconic.

The collab will have three colorways: classic triple white, white with black stripes and heel, and black with white stripes and heel. All three pairs come with cream-colored shell toes and midsoles.

All three pairs will be available on April 10 at Human Made’s online store. There’s no word yet if they will be available outside of Japan.

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