It’s such a sight to see when brands and individuals thrive despite the current pandemic situation. As life goes on regardless of the uncertain and mundane, brands still churn out quality products that we can still look forward to.

Implicit takes it to another level with a message that goes for all the brands in the scene. A message that encourages one and all to aim global.

Who are we to argue with that?

We asked Implicit’s owner, Jean Laderas on what the collection is all about, and here’s what he had to say.

“Ang pinaka goal nito fam, ay ipakita na kayang sumabay ng local brands sa international platform, sinusubukan namin dito na i-angat yung scene, yung ang version namin ng hilahan pataas. Raising the standards para lahat sumunod.”

Implicit is set to drop their Global Scale Collection this 18th and by the looks of it, they really are set on what they want to achieve. Support and spread the word.

In other news, Starbucks and Undefeated are once again on another series of collabs that you can check out here. 


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