Custom Designers are cut from a different cloth. These are individuals who push their chosen craft to uncharted regions. Sometimes, the ideas are so simple enough but well thought of that it makes you say “Damn why didn’t I think of that?”

Enter James Morgan, a UK-based designer who’s taken the streetwear/sneaker scene by storm by not only visually reimagining existing sneakers and concepts, he’s taken the liberty of having them manufactured just so we can enjoy them in all their glory.

Best known for his BAPESTA version of the Travis Scott Jordan 1, James has lately wrapped up this era in his career and is on to greater things…his own sneaker, coming very soon!

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We caught up with him to get the lowdown on his background and where he’s headed… 

First off, what got you into sneakers? How did you get hooked on it?

Well for years my mother worked in a shoe shop, so me and my brother would always have cool shoes growing up. I think I was hooked when the YEEZY 750 was first teased, that shoe is crazy.

What got you into the whole custom shoe concept? Among them, what are your favorites?

I’m quite creative and I love shoes so it was only natural for me to design crazy customs eventually, my favorites of my pairs are the Kanye graduation pair and the Ari Menthols!

Your Travis Scott and Kanye Bapestas seem to be the most popular. Have these rappers worn or seen your creations?

Don Toliver: Flossing in the TS 1 Bapestas

It’s highly unlikely that ‘Ye has even seen anything I’ve done.
However, Travis does own a pair of my customs thanks to Don Toliver.

Drop us your 5 all-time favorite sneakers…

Louis Vuitton Patchwork Don
Louis Vuitton Jasper
Sean Wotherspoon 97/1
Jordan 4 Wahlburger
adidas Futurecraft 4D

How do you conceptualize your shoes? Is it more of a gut feel than an actual design process?

My ideas are drawn up in procreate and yeah it’s kind of a gut feel I just throw bits together and see how it looks, then attempt to tidy it up.

Chase B rocking the Travis Scott Bapestas

What can you say about large companies interfering with customs?

I hope they see that the people want more crazy work and take it into consideration and make more heavily themed pairs like the Chunky Dunkys. Orrrr that they see our potential and offer us design contracts.

Will the TS1 Bapestas be your last for now? Why?

Yes, the TS1 will be my last pair as I’m going to be working on my own model!

Any words to our readers from the Philippines?

Also, I’m super jealous of everyone over in Philippines because I live in the UK; your food and weather are to die for!!

In other news, do check out the Vivienne Westwood X ASICS collab that just came out!


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