Growth is inevitable when you are open to the possibilities. Dare we say it can’t be avoided when you’re willing to put in the work.

Such is the case with Neil Dimapilis. A man of many hats, he has advocated the power of social media marketing and is now reaping a wide array of careers out of it. Not to mention helping a whole community in growing and nurturing this developing artform.

We got ahold of him away from his ever hectic schedule to give us the lowdown on how everything came to be. Check out our convo below.

First up, can you share with us what you do currently?

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Currently, I’m the Digital Marketing Executive at Warner Music Philippines Inc., A Podcaster at 5 Minutes Social Media Tips with Neil (Which is available on all major podcast streaming platforms), and Community founder of one of the fastest-growing social media-centric communities in the country: Social Media Marketing Philippines.

How did you transition from sneakers to podcasting? How did you organically crossover to such a universal platform?

I guess it was a matter of prioritization? I didn’t completely stop from buying sneakers, I just slowed down and just didn’t had the urge to cop every release, every hype drop there is out there. As per the transition to doing podcasting, I started the podcast last September 2020 with the goal of wanting to help fellow Filipinos who wanted to learn about the industry wherein they can easily digest it in a matter of 5 Minutes. (Well I try, Sometimes I end up recording up to 10 Minutes HAHAHA)

How was I able to organically crossover from one thing to another on a such universal platform? Prior to doing podcasting, I’ve been involved in the Digital Marketing Industry already for around 4+ years connecting with different people and learning everything I can from the people that I meet. So when It finally came to the time that I was to put out and try to create a name for myself everything just happened organically and smoothly.

You also created an FB group right? How did that come about?

YES! Actually The FB group and the podcast are quite tied together! Social Media Marketing Philippines was created for Filipinos who wanted to transition from doing traditional jobs to digital jobs, a platform where they can learn from practitioners and agency owners.

I created that community to be a safe space for all Social Media Marketers be it new or old-time practitioners.

And now as we are soon to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary this coming April 2022. We’re almost at 50,000 Members and with soon to come partnerships with Major Government departments to standardize and institutionalize Social Media Marketing as a legitimate service that we can export to other countries.

In today’s quick-shifting socmed climate, how do you manage to keep up?

This is actually a great question! There’s this thing that I always say when Universities and companies invite me for webinars when it comes to Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing – In this industry If you are not always trying to learn new things and you’re being complacent and just sticking to what you already know, that is a recipe for disaster. Because when it comes to Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing what works now you cannot be entirely sure if it would still work next week, next month, or even next year! That’s why it’s important to religiously know what are the current trends, projections, and possibilities in this industry early on because that’s how you can be of an advantage to others.

You’re also a part of a record label right? Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I’m part of Warner Music Philippines as their Digital Marketing Executive For Domestic Artists. Basically from what I do with them is I cover everything that happens on the domestic side of things from Labels Social Media and Artist Social Media. I create Digital Marketing Plans on how to better cater to the needs of our consumers in terms of the content that we put out be it music that we release or content that we put out on digital platforms and how all of these efforts would play and have a bigger impact on the music industry in general.

Why are you so enamored with helping brands out through digital platforms? What pushed you to be so good at it?

As someone who struggled before and was given the opportunity by brands who trusted me, paved the way to me have some sort of impact on this industry. It may sound off like a cliche but this is my way of giving back to the community. Knowing that in even the smallest way that I get to talk to them, help them answer things that they can’t, and knowing that I get to make an impact on those businesses and people involved is what pushes me.

Your message to our readers? Stuff to promote?

In this world that’s so fast-paced, we always compare other people’s achievements over our own. Take a step back and take time to appreciate how far you’ve come and grown.

Take time to do things that you want to pursue at your own pace.

With that being said, feel free to listen to our newly released track by Lola Amour and Al James titled Madali, which you can now stream it on Spotify and Watch their Music Video on Youtube.

Thanks Neil! 

Speaking of pursuing at your own pace, here’s an up and coming skate brand from Davao with their own take on the Dunk. 


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