There are countless ways the classic Air Force 1 low is interpreted. From the simple triple white to complex ones that use premium materials, the Air Force 1 Low is a canvas that everyone would love to play with.

BUT what if the concept involves literally wrapping it in paper? That’s the idea behind the Air Force 1 Low Timeless Classic, and we do a review of this rather unusual sneaker that recently dropped in the Philippines.

Aside from the sail-colored midsole giving it a vintage vibe, what makes the Air Force 1 Low Timeless Classic unique is you have paper literally sewn on the upper like it is protecting the upper from the elements.

The said paper has that AF1 monogram that is the same one you’d normally find on your typical Air Force 1 packaging. The only difference is that there’s a “Timeless Classic, Keep Fresh” branding on the heel part of both pairs.

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And here comes the question: should you rock them with the paper on, or should you rock them without it, revealing a distressed triple white upper that complements the midsole for that vintage look? That is the fun part about this sneaker: its quirkiness with the paper wrapping sewn into the upper gives you more ideas on how you can rock a classic like the Air Force 1 on a different approach.

If you don’t like the idea of having paper hanging on your sneaker’s upper, you can opt to tear it off anyway and go for the tried-and-tested vintage white look that nails the current trend these days.

Air Force 1 Low Timeless Classic Review Price Philippines

If you want this rather quirky pair of Air Force 1s, you can still cop it at Nike PH for Php 5,295, and there’s still a good size run for it as of this writing.


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