In a world of everything mass-produced, there will always be that desire for something unique and customized. Call it the extreme want of pursuing something unattainable, there’s something extra cool when you have an item that’s specifically made for you.

Of course, there are services like Nike’s By You campaign where you can choose colors and materials for a shoe, but some of us want something beyond color-blocking and materials. You know, something that’s worthy of a glass case as they are worthy on feet.

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This is where Painted by Lou comes in. Probably one of the most thorough sneaker customizers here in the Philippines, the guy just emits pure creative power and his works are proof enough.

To start things off, why sneakers?

I love sneakers. Not a collector but I love wearing them, especially when you get a rare pair. Since I’ve learned to do artworks first before ABCs, it’s easier for me to link the two, also, there are lots of people who share the same passion as mine.

How did you get into collecting and customizing them?

I got into it when me and my friends were talking about sneakers and all of us agreed to make custom services, and that was way back in 2011 I think. that time, the sneaker industry went crazy, so people were getting into collecting and rocking pairs and some of them are like me who likes to have 1-of-1 customs, so me and another artist friend, (who I went into the same college with) and one of his close friend had that same idea. Ergo, the birth of our team then, Kicksflipped Customs.

I first saw your works at sneaker events can you give us a backstory on how that happened?

Back then, Sole Slam was the go-to event for any sneakerhead, our team had an X-deal with Mr. Sole Slam (Antonio Aguirre Jr.) which gave us a table for Sole Slam events, and that’s how it all started.

What’s your most favorite pair that you ever worked on?

It would be the Jordan 5 MJ tribute which was one of the first portraits I’ve ever done on a pair.


If you had a dream collaboration with a celebrity or artist who would that be?

I would love to work with Travis Scott. Dream big, right?

You also customize luxury bags right? Care to give details on how you went to that medium?

It actually started way back in 2015 when my sister asked me to paint Marilyn Monroe on her Louis Vuitton Neverfull. After posting the finished product then, inquiries and projects went on.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced in your projects as a customizer?

Deadlines. There are some clients who want to get their pair almost immediately, and it is sometimes impossible cause I have a very close deadline on a current project.

Got stuff to promote? Shoutouts?

Please do follow my Instagram and Facebook page Painted by Lou. Shout out to Rogel Simon for this interview.

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