The Project 7 to 1 Limited Edition Trifold Gadget Organizer

For Those Who Hustle

The Project 7 to 1 x VAULV Trifold Gadget Organizer was designed to help organize the various gadgets and accessories people bring with them everyday. This includes your cables, power banks, SD cards, USB-C converters, and other electronic essentials.

To maximize the gear you can carry, the organizer has three folds. The two outer spaces have zippered pockets and slide-in flaps. The center space has elastic bands for cables. There’s also a slot underneath for slim powerbanks. To close it, just fold the flaps over one another and use the clasp to keep it locked in.

Easy to carry and bring around with you.
For all your electronic EDC

The exterior is made from durable materials along with orange lining accents along the strap to give it a pop of color. The 7 to 1 Squad logo is proudly embroidered on the lower right hand corner. Dimensions are as follows: 7 1/2 x 11 3/4 (inches).

For those who hustle

The Project 7 to 1 x VAULV Trifold Gadget Organizer will have a limited initial run. You can order one now for P900 at the Project 7 to 1 website. Orders will start shipping on May 15 or as soon as ECQ is lifted in the Philippines.


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