TUMI has become more known for its fashionable and functional line of bags and accessories. The popularity of TUMI will just continue to rise from here on out as the travel and lifestyle brand has collaborated with the gaming hardware company, Razer to increase their limited-edition esports line with a set of very futuristic bags.

At the core of each design is 100% TUMI which is further elevated by the signature neon green accents that Razer is known for. TUMI’S classic silhouettes are reimagined and further improved with the incorporation of futuristic and Esports-inspired details. There are four specific releases that will be featured in this collection — a 15-inch laptop cover, the Bozeman Sling, the Finch backpack, and the International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage. Each of the said bags and accessories will highlight the triple-headed snake logo for which Razer is known.

We have fully embraced our esports category with the Razer partnership. We are looking to deliver new and exciting products that are truly in line with the attitude and passion of their gaming community, their lifestyle is something that runs parallel to how we generate our products and how we are truly focused on all aspects of our customers’ lives, looking to ensure that only the best is in their hands for them to achieve their goals,” said TUMI Creative Director Victor Sanz in a statement.

In addition to this, Addie Tan, The Associate Director of Business Development at Razer says:

“We are thrilled to partner with TUMI to bring this exclusive collection to our gaming community, and we know that our fans lead active lifestyles and sometimes have to carry their valuable battle stations with them while they are on the go. So, we wanted to arm them with high-quality travel gear, offering them a balance of versatility and functionality so that they can keep winning, even on the go.”

Here’s a peek at the TUMI x Razer Collection:

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Tumi x Razer: Laptop Sleeve 15-inch – PHP 17,990.00

Tumi x Razer International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage – PHP 73,990.00

Tumi x Razer Finch Backpack 15-inch laptop – PHP 55,990.00

razer tumi

Tumi x Razer Bozeman Sling Bag – PHP 34,990.00

The limited-edition TUMI x Razer capsule launches globally starting June 3, 2022, via both the TUMI and Razer stores with only 1,337 units being available for each style. “1137” references the letters “LEET” which is short for “elite” — a common term or jargon used in the gaming world to describe skilled players.

razer tumi

The price tag on these limited edition bags and accessories may be off the roof but they are still unarguably worth the cop due to the reputable standing that both companies have. Given the limited number as well, you can be assured that heads will be bound to turn when you cop and sport one of these bags or laptop sleeves that bring out the fashion and gamer enthusiast within you.

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