Virgil Abloh is a legend even before he passed on, and he definitely made a name in both sneakers and streetwear.

Many loved him, many too didn’t understand his vision. Be a fan or a skeptic, but this man has changed the face of sneakers and streetwear forever. He will be a hard act to follow to say the least. From his humble beginnings in Chicago, to his other milestones, his talent and outlook is almost beyond human.

In memory of his brilliance and creativity, we have gathered some of his most iconic sneakers that changed the scene forever.

Off-White X Nike Air Jordan 1 

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The Air Jordan 1 Chicago colorway is one of those shoes that need not be touched or redesigned. Purists often laugh and mock designers who make that attempt. Cynics were zipped shut when this pair came out. Probably the “Creme dela Creme” of Virgil Abloh’s creativity, this deconstructed masterpiece remains to be one of the most highly coveted from his catalog. Hell, even Michael Jordan pulled strings to get a signed pair!

Off-White Nike Air Jordan 4 “Sail 

In the world of sneaker releases, it’s a rarity that they actually create allocations for women. This Jordan 4 X Off-White collaboration is an exception. This monochromatic masterpiece proves further that you don’t really need much to create an iconic collaboration. Probably the most hyped women’s sneaker ever.

Off-White Nike Dunk 

The Nike Dunk is a shoe that needs no reintroduction, but Virgil did. By simply adding another pair of neon laces to the equation and some Off-White branding, he did the impossible in creating a very visually appealing dunk that even the most hardcore OG’s loved. Released in 3 colorways, this set the wheels in motion for his giant “Dear Summer” Dunk Lot.

Off-White Nike Air Presto 

Definitely, one of Virgil’s most wanted versions of the Presto, his very first reiteration boasts of creamy deconstructed goodness. The inside out panels, the orange tab, the “AIR” branding and its overall look are reasons why this shoe will withstand the test of trends and time.

Off-White Nike Blazer Mid “Queen” 

A collaboration with Serena Williams, this Blazer Mid pulls out all the stops mixing Serena’s fashion style with Virgil’s design trademarks. This Blazer celebrated Black Women which makes it a historic move on Virgil’s part as his designs spark dialogue and awareness.

Louis Vuitton Trainer 

A statement pair from Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2019 campaign, the shoe is a throwback to the Air Jordan 3 which makes it one of the best and wearable LV sneakers made that even skaters can wear them. Definitely one of the best.

Off-White “The 50” X Nike Dunk Dear Summer Collection 

Christened as the “Dear Summer” collection and “The 50” by spectators on social media and fans alike, this collaboration is Abloh’s biggest project with Nike yet since 2017’s “The Ten,” Locally, Bigboy Cheng is the only one who managed to complete the set. “The Ten” is already an expansive collection and this one totally blows that one off the water.

Louis Vuitton X Nike Air Force One 

Virgil had a soft spot in his heart for the bootleg culture. A tribute to the days of Dapper Dan with customized LV AF-1’s this is his own take. This upcoming LV X Nike collab defines how Virgil mixes cultures and pushes the scene forward. Love it or hate it, he does it well.

That wraps up our favorite sneakers designed by Virgil Abloh. Speaking of hype things, do check out what floats our boat for the This Is Hype December Hypelist! 



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