Aside from producing a number of collabs, SNK ATK Design Lab announced that they have reached an agreement with Carlo Ople, where Ople’s 1nfluence Holdings will pursue technical clothing and explore fashion in the metaverse.

Under the partnership, 1nfluence Holdings, the holding company of Carlo Ople, and SNK ATK will create an evolution of Filipino creativity through stylish technical apparel, but also create new experiences with digital fashion and more in the metaverse.

“We share the same vision with the founding partners of SNK ATK in pioneering technical fashion combined with digital technology,” Ople said in a statement. “There’s also a lot of potential synergy with our content and talent management groups so we’re excited to collaborate and build on each other’s strengths.”

“Finding a partner that shares the same vision is difficult, which is why we are happy to have Carlo join us in SNK ATK.” SNK ATK CEO Dwight Santos said. “Our partnership with Carlo comes at a perfect time. With his businesses already dabbling in NFTs and the metaverse, we want to create new ways of experiencing SNK ATK as clothing, collectibles, and innovative tech.”

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More details about the partnership, including SNK ATK’s digital plans, will be revealed in the coming months on their website.

Prior to their official partnership, SNK ATK designed a Japanese-inspired WFH collection for Project 7 to 1 that is headlined by the Shadow Noragi Jacket v721.


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