Local streetwear has always been a life source of growth for creativity and progress. When a group of people puts all their hard work and dedication, something special really is bound to happen. There are those who stay in their lane and there are those who push the envelope to witness the possibilities.

STAYGOLD Holdings Inc. owner of KUSH Co. is making some big steps in the indie clothing game, now with Franc Mendoza as their Creative Director in their ranks.
Franc is the owner/founder of MN+LA, a local streetwear company that focuses primarily on Los Angeles-inspired quality streetwear.

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Up next is their connection to underground rapper Bugoy na Koykoy as partner / co-owner of his clothing line Daily Flight. The team is in the process of making new designs and new fittings.

The said line will soon be launching in Lazada on this upcoming 4th Quarter of 2020.

Not leaving out the rock/metal element of things, they also have a collab brewing with MEDISINA, which is due this Christmas. We recently featured TJ Brillantes of Greyhoundz who co-owns the brand.

Despite the pandemic, there are those who strive to move forward with something fresh which is truly commendable. While waiting for their said releases you can check out our feature on TJ here! 

Reg Rubio & Tj Brillantes of Medisina, Bam Santiago , Jc Ambrosio Wayo of STAYGOLD/KUSH



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