Supreme is no stranger to spinning obscure sneaker models and products. Time and time again, they’ve shown us that there are always more sneaker silhouettes that have yet to hit the mainstream. This time, that sneaker silhouette is a lesser-known Nike Air Max. Through the incorporation of Supreme’s untamed branding and out-of-this-world design elements, the partnership of Supreme and Nike presents us with the Supreme x Nike Air Max 96.

For the OG sneakerheads out there, the ‘Scream Green’ colorway is probably what comes to mind when you hear about the Air Max 96. However, this Supreme collaboration takes a completely different shift in the design concept. What stands out at first glance is the sneaker’s utilization of clear windows, replacing the nylon originally found on the Nike Air Max 96 XX.

Partnering the clear windows is a pitch black upper with subtle red and white Supreme box logo detailing. What’s more is that when the sneaker is taken off, the iconic white Supreme logo against a red background found on the sneaker’s insole pops out through the clear windows.

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2021 has been nothing short of a year packed with crazy sneaker designs no one has ever thought of prior. Yet, the Supreme x Nike Air Max 96 is reminiscent of Kanye’s recent Yeezy 450. The similarity between both projects is the unique shape of the sneaker’s upper, which gives off the impression that it is engulfed in a tentacle-like structure. Despite this, both sneakers are far apart from each other that they both bring something new to the table.

Like every other Supreme release known to mankind, there is a high chance that these sneakers will sell out quickly. However, due to the polarizing design of the sneaker, it will also be understandable if the release will just be too hard to swallow for Supreme sneakerheads.

Not much is known about the sneaker’s official price and release date. Although, they are expected to drop during Supreme’s ongoing SS21 release schedule. The pair will also be available on Stadium Goods, so if you’re keen on copping yourself a pair, be sure to keep an eye out for official release details! In other sneaker news, check out This Nike Program That Aims To Reuse and Recycle Returned Sneakers.


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