Are you looking for a new pair of adidas shoes to cop for the holidays and for you to sport for almost any occasion? Then the adidas NMD_V3 might just be the pair that you are looking for and to figure out if this is indeed true we review the shoes here in This Is Hype Ph after a few weeks of using them.

adidas NMD V3 Release Date 2022 |

As of writing, there have been several releases that have already dropped in regard to the Adidas NMDs line. This is in a similar fashion to how adidas has released various colorways, silhouettes, and versions for the Ultraboost and Energy Boost lines which also use the same BOOST technology as the NMDs. There was an official launch for the NMD_V3 back in September as the brand showcased a music video made by local artists to promote the new reiteration of the NMDs — all embodying the slogan “Create Your Own Path”.

adidas|アディダスのトピックス「【アディダス公式】BLACKPINKがNMD_V3と共に新たな未来を創り出す」 - ZOZOTOWN

We were given the opportunity to try on a pair from the new NMD_V3 line and we specifically got the Orange Bliss colorway which will be the subject of this official review of the pair. 

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adidas NMD_V3 REVIEW


The NMD_V3 is a silhouette built for a life in motion. It features a re-engineered mesh that wraps around the foot, a transparent heel clip, and of course the ever-so-reliable and comfortable BOOST cushioning that’s partially encapsulated in a TPU shell. The upper is also made with a high-performance yarn that contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic— reimagined plastic waste intercepted from remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines— and 50% recycled  polyester. 

The NMD_V3s come in several colors such as the triple cloud whites, the triple-core blacks, the Core Black & Cloud White combo, as well as in Bliss Orange, Royal Blue, Focus Olive, and many many more different designs. We got our hands on the very unique and stylish Bliss Orange. It primarily features the bright neon orange all throughout the entire shoe while having contrasting details of light gray and black highlights along the midsole, heel, and tongue. The combination of the bright colors is accented beautifully but the darker shades work nicely together. It may initially look like a design that’s too loud for some but the way that the colorway is actually designed allows room for easy pairing and use with almost any outfit.

The shoes are all about detail. It boasts perforated uppers, which is also where that breathability comes in. Playing with transparency, the 3-Stripes layer over the perforations, giving a glimpse at them underneath the monochrome signoff. This particular silhouette also boasts a variety of shades of orange that also look like a light shade of salmon pink at times depending on the lighting. The design of the laces is similar to the recently released Ultraboost 22 x Parley edition but doesn’t utilize the typical eyelets that most sneakers have. This decision allows the laces to loop in an infinity-like style that adds an almost futuristic and cool-looking touch to the shoe.

Adidas NMD_V3 Review

In terms of the overall design of the NMD_V3, our only main room for concern deals with the uppers which have the tendency to crease over time and use but it isn’t all that big of a deal, to be honest as we simply love the look of the pair as a whole. We have also noticed that the NMD_V3 doesn’t collect dirt that easily which points to the ease of maintaining the pair throughout time — a quick wipe with a washcloth or sanitary wipes often does the trick with this pair.


This is admittedly my first pair of NMDs and therefore there isn’t really much to base a comparison on if this reiteration is better than previous versions. I will solely base my review on the NMD_V3 on my on-feet experience with this particular pair. The Adidas NMD_V3s have a snug fit to them but it doesn’t go to the extent of the prime knit UltraBoosts in terms of a tight fit. The NMDs admittedly have more breathable room and a fit that allows its wearer to walk for longer durations and distances. I have tried the NMD_V3s on numerous occasions now and I have to admit that it makes for a pretty excellent walking shoe as I am able to survive an entire day of almost non-stop movement and walking. 

Adidas NMD_V3 Review

The BOOST cushioning is a reliable feature that never gets old. It literally gives that extra “boost” and support that comfortably combines soft yet firm and sturdy support that the BOOST technology has consistently given us. The NMDs as mentioned have a very breathable quality to them on feet which is very noticeable and is brought about all the more by the aforementioned perforations. These, therefore, go beyond just the design and look that Adidas fully capitalizes on with this pair as every detail has been made with the intention of functionality and comfort.

Adidas NMD_V3 Review

One of our main concerns however with the NMD_V3 however is the pull tab at the back of the shoes. This feature has the tendency at times to rub aggressively at the back of the foot which may be quite irritating at times especially due to the rough material of the tab itself. This can be avoided with longer pants or socks and therefore isn’t a huge problem that can’t be remedied easily.


As seen in our review of the NMD_3 from Adidas, there are several reasons to fall head-over-heels for this new iteration of this go-to pair. It’s comfortable to wear, stylish, and easy to maintain, and it’s a huge plus that it yet again utilizes recycled materials. The different variations of the shoe in terms of colorways also provide choices that will suit almost anyone’s own preferred stylistic decisions. We absolutely loved the Orange Bliss colorway as well as the simple white and black options that are available. 

Adidas NMD_V3 Review

You can purchase the NMD_V3 now at the adidas online store as well as an actual store near you.


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