Nowadays, vintage clothing is all the rage. From your favorite influencers and rappers, and the fanaticism that Sean Wotherspoon and company has brought to the table, everything vintage is awesome and who are we at This Is Hype PH to argue with that?

Fear Of God’s Jerry Lorenzo draws inspiration from vintage band tees. Photo: GQ

We have a heart for wrestling and band tees and we just can’t help but join in. Today we are highlighting the beauty of getting into vintage and how beneficial it is as well.

Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia or the profit, vintage clothing is here to stay, so let us count the ways.

Must have vintage rap tees from XXL Mag

It will almost be a one of one

There will be small chances of you having to worry about seeing another person with the same piece you got on. If that’s an OG Undertaker shirt from the 90s with the WWF logo and all, chances are, you will be the only guy in the area rocking that.

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The thing with these pieces is people used them, rocked them to shreds, and literally threw them away. We all had no idea that these things will be of value come today right?

If one of your pet peeves is going to sneaker event and seeing five other guys with the same Supreme shirt on, then yes, going vintage solves that giving you more style points in the process!

A sick vintage Undertaker Tee from the ’90s
Overall prints were big in the ’90s as seen on this vintage X-Men tee.

Quality is Superb

As the old cliché goes “They don’t make them like they used to” applies to vintage clothing.

The overall prints, the loud, gaudy colors, the fit, and the fabric. Maybe it’s because things were less mass-produced back then and each piece had full quality control under it.

Vintage 1992 Sepultura Tour Shirt
An epic Metallica shirt with all their album covers combined.

Compare a Metallica shirt now and from 1992 and you’ll get what we mean. There may be reprints trying to recapture its spirit, but then the OG will always be better. Printing methods may be rougher then but they were more meticulously done, giving us a better product.

It Does Good To The Environment

You are subconsciously going green with vintage. Instead, you are reducing trash and helping out the environment.

Sean Wotherspoon has always been one of the best vintage hunters out there.

You are reusing and repurposing something and you are looking more legit than ever. More to vintage, less to added waste.

They are Collectibles

Why? Because nostalgia sells. It’s just the way it is. Back then, they were taken for granted and that’s why these things are so coveted now. Let alone the fact that they’ve got holes or stains, no one cares. They all add to its weathered charm, the patina of time.

Vintage Bulls Starter jacket from Primetime Vintage
A 90’s vintage Ultimate Warrior shirt. Check that boxy fit.

If the same thing applies to toys, basketball cards, and sneakers, why not for clothing right? Go check out the pricing on any OG Chicago Bulls or Hulk Hogan or Slayer shirts from the ’80s and ’90s and you’ll see what we mean. Ka-Ching!

I personally flipped a vintage Bulls jacket and I still regret it to this day.

Vintage Madonna shirt all the way from 1987 from T-Shirt Museum

It’s all about the history

Think of vintage collecting as curating a fascinating timeline in someone’s life. Whatever chosen era you pick, there will always be a story behind it. That Pokemon shirt, that Power Rangers hat, that Megadeth windbreaker, these things hold as much history in the place of pop culture and the hearts of their fans who love going back to that period of time.

These wearables are like time machines, stamps of youth, artifacts of the better days. So whenever you acquire something you loved from the past, you dig a piece of your history and you share it with the world now and that’s priceless.

Round Two Vintage from Sneaker Zimmer



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