Four out of the ten episodes of Michael Jordan’s documentary of his last year with the Chicago Bulls have aired on ESPN and are now available on Netflix. The Michael Jordan fever is in full effect as the documentary has singlehandedly drove prices of retro Jordans up despite the current lockdown situation across the world. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the sneakers that have seen a spike in their aftermarket value (resell price).

Jordan 11 Concord


Throughout 2019 the Jordan 11 Concord sold for $260-$290. It crept beyond $300 in 2020 but it suddenly shot up to $365-$380 on StockX in April. Why? Presumably because of the Michael Jordan effect of The Last Dance. This isn’t surprising though as the J11 Concord has always been one of the most iconic and loved pairs of Jordan brand. The documentary just amplified the hype dramatically.

Sales chart of J11 on StockX

Jordan 1 Chicago

Jordan 1 Chicago!

In 2017 the Jordan 1 Chicago (2015) was selling for roughly $480-$500. It shot up to $800 in 2018 and climbed up to $900 in 2019. Today it’s now selling for $1,500. That’s an insane spike (it literally tripled in 4 years). I have a strong feeling that this price will continue to go up in the next few years.

Jordan 1 Chicago Sales on StockX

Jordan 3 Black Cement

Simply timeless. The Jordan 3 ‘Black Cement’

In 2018 the Jordan 3 Black Cement lingered in the $220-$230 range on StockX. It steadily climbed to around $270 in 2019 and after The Last Dance premiere is now selling for $340-$350 on StockX (depending on size). It goes to show how nostalgia and emotion can drive up prices of shoes.

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Sales chart of the Jordan 3 Black Cement on StockX

Jordan 4 Retro

The Jordan 4 Retro!

The Jordan 4 Retro was selling for around $280-$300 on StockX throughout 2020. It started to climb steadily in April and then jumped by 10% after the airing of The Last Dance. It is now selling for roughly $330-$350 depending on the size.

Sales chart on StockX of the Jordan 4 Retro

So those are some of the Jordan brand sneakers that got a lot of love thanks to the Last Dance. As the episodes roll by and we see MJ feature more sneakers, it won’t be surprising to see more increases.


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