All proceeds go to COVID-19 relief

It’s a given that any Supreme shirt with a BOGO will sell out instantly AND command insane resell prices. Whether it may be the classic Red BOGO or a collaborative one, people would go crazy for them, and hardcore collectors are willing to shell out copious amounts of money for them.

For its next BOGO shirt, Supreme is hyping it for a good cause: 100% of the proceeds for the Supreme x Takashi Murakami BOGO will go to helping out people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this white BOGO shirt, you get Takashi Murakami’s iconic artwork for the BOGO and a commemorative COVID-19 Relief Fund logo at the back.

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If you want this shirt (and donate for a good cause), Supreme will be selling it exclusively to the US and Canada for $60(Php 3.1k) on April 24. Given the hype with any BOGO shirt, expect to pay A LOT if you really want the shirt.


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