When it comes to sneakers, some silhouettes have managed to stand the test of time and remain relevant through the years. Adidas has been a brand known for this, churning out both old and new designs that manage to make their way to the “Classics” column. While these sneakers have a history behind them, they also happen to go well with almost every outfit. Now, if you’re looking to cop your newest classic, look no further! Here are our top 10 classic Adidas sneakers available on Zalora today:


Php 3,840.00 – 4,600.00
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Originally a basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar was manufactured by Adidas in 1969. The use of leather throughout the sneaker ensures both style and longevity.

Stan Smith

Php 3,409.00 – 5,300.00
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The Stan Smith is a classic because of its sleek design. Avoiding the use of unnecessary design elements, the Stan Smith is extremely simple and stylish.

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Ultra Boost

Php 8,299.00 – 9,500.00
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For a long time, the Ultraboost had a strong spot in the market as the most comfortable sneaker. Since its initial release, Adidas has continued to innovate the silhouette to ensure comfort meets style.


Php 3,680.00 – 4,600.00
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Differentiating itself through the absence of a conventional heel, the Adidas Mule provides users with an easy slip-on feature. While preserving the rest of the sneaker’s design on the front half, the mule provides a nice twist to a classic!


Php 6,880.00 – 7,500.00
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The NMD, also known as the Nomad, is the perfect balance of hype and style. Through its monumental release, the NMD will always have a place in Adidas’ history books.


Php 5,500.00 – 5,700.00
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With a more evident thick sole, the Adidas Supercourt has parallel design elements to a designer sneaker. Although for much cheaper, you’ll be able to style up your outfit just as well!

Continental 80

Php 4,240.00 – 5,900.00
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First reaching shelves in the 1980s, The Adidas Continental is all of the following: simple, clean, sleek and casual. The design includes subtle branding adding another element to your outfit.

Samba OG

Php 4,349.00 – 5,300.00
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The Samba! Originally released way back in 1950, this sneaker was intended for footballers. Due to the purpose of its design, the Samba is a very sleek silhouette that goes well with a simple casual outfit.


Php 3,300.00 – 3,700.00
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Rocking the trademark three stripes, the Nizza is the definition of simplicity. This silhouette gets straight down to the point – simple, yet stylish!


Php 3,249.00 – 5,000.00
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The perfect partnership of suede and leather, the Gazelle is one of Adidas’ most recognizable sneakers. The Gazelle is capable of working well with any smart-casual outfit!

These silhouettes will be sure to keep you fresh for years to come! Are you planning to cop one of these classics? Let us know in the comments below!


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