Have you ever been your brother’s keeper? To the point that you almost lost all to save him? Have you found yourself in the weirdest situations just because you had to “be there?”

Well, True Story will truly be relatable for those currently in that predicament. A Netflix Limited series starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes– created by Eric Newman, this one is a rollercoaster ride of trouble, it doesn’t take you to heights but it sure gets dark and deep.

Kevin Hart is Kid, one of the richest and best comedians Philadelphia has ever seen who makes a homecoming for a comeback show. Carlton, played by Wesley Snipes takes this opportunity to reunite with his celebrity brother which turns out to be a chain of unfortunate events for Kid- who in his lifetime has covered and vouched for his brother- only to get deeper into trouble.

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True Story is an effective study in suspense which brings the viewer at the edge of his seat. Sure, it may be a bit predictable, but then it’s powerhouse of curveballs that will keep you addicted to finish it in one sitting.

In a nutshell, this is about two brothers in a bad relationship caught in a really bad situation. Including groupies, gangs and guns- and a crazed fan, let’s put it at that.

One highlight is Chris Hemsworth‘s cameo appearance which you should see for yourself. Co-starred by his entourage, Hershel (William Catlett), his trusty bodyguard, Billie (Tawny Newsome), his ghost writer / an aspiring stand up female comedian herself, and Todd (Paul Adelstein), his manager.

His team is so tight-knit that it becomes almost impossible for Kid to make moves away from their sight. It’s also one thing to point out that it’s hard to be a celebrity and handle your own damn business without anyone interfering.

Great acting from both Hart and Snipes

The acting of both Hart and Snipes here are so stellar that you’d actually believe they are real blood brothers. They’ve got that rare chemistry that in their highs and lows, they have this “I got you” type of vibe. What are brothers for, right?

As much as the series title implies, no it is not a True Story. But you can feel a little bit was lifted from Kevin Hart’s life; from abusive relatives wanting to get a piece of his riches. Go watch any skit of his and you’ll hear him rant about that. Oh, the growing pains of being famous and rich make for the perfect inspiration.

True Story Review Verdict

All in all, True Story’s 7 episodes hold it down effectively. With the first episode an hour long and the remaining ones clocking in half an hour, you’ll have no trouble finishing this on a lazy night.

A bit predictable? Yes, but much like your favorite films, there is a certain charm about formula and they do it here with flying colors. Highly recommended!

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