Vans X Where’s Waldo? Authentic

Remember that time when bored people did things besides surf the internet? Waldo sure did, because a ton of people were looking for him!

Waldo is a character written by British author, Martin Handford, for his book, Where’s Waldo? The book follows Waldo on his travels, and the readers are tasks to find Waldo (among other things). The popular illustrations are detailed, colorful, and playful. In 2019, Where’s Waldo? was launched as a television series for Universal Kids. Cool, right?

Image from Where’s Waldo? fandom

Vans recently launched a collection centering on Waldo, capturing the fun and detailed illustrations by the book. The illustrations are pretty amazing considering how intricate some of them are. Check out the collection here:


Vans X Where’s Waldo? Classic Slip-on. Available at surfdome.


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Vans X Where’s Waldo? Boys Beach T-Shirt

The sneakers are available for men, women, and kids, while apparel is exclusive to kids.


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