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We need music more than ever. Beyond being a mood-setter and mere background music material, music can tame even the most savage beast. It’s definitely a relaxing experience for one to sit back and take an audio journey. While one’s music choices definitely defines him/her and in this day and age of streaming and downloads, we think that vinyl record collecting is the best investment a music enthusiast can make.
Throughout the years, we were schooled that “small means better”, where they tried to immortalize music on cassettes and CD’s. However, as they decreased in size and gave us carrying convenience, the overall sound quality is generally compromised. We’re not saying that it’s bad to focus on streaming songs on our gadgets–it’s just that music should be enjoyed fully on a large format as well.
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From pop, rock, the classics, to hip-hop and many more, vinyl is definitely back in the game. It used to be frowned upon because of convenience issues, but the experience surely makes up for it.

Some dope vinyl releases from Black Circles By Alice
In this day and age of “fast food everything”, we can consider music on vinyl as the “fine dining” version of consuming music. It’s tasteful, sophisticated and definitely a delicious experience! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the “old-school” music format:

The Sound 

We won’t go super geeky on you, but there’s something in the vinyl format that allows you to hear more and feel more. While it may be a “placebo” to some naysayers, it’s all there. The first time I heard my favorite records on vinyl, it surely got me excited again. They just sound new and fresh. A cymbal or crash is suddenly present, and you can hear the singer’s breath now. Heck, you can hear the small nuances within the songs that make for an interesting experience. You can also try it on headphones for an even bigger soundscape!

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The Art 

Vinyl is an artform by itself. Given its comeback, artists are putting more emphasis on the album packaging and how it’s presented to the discerning fan. The 12-inch format has way more room for the artists to extensively display their visuals that are supposed to lock in with the music. Vinyl’s format lets music enthusiasts sit back and stare at the album covers, read the liner notes and just embrace the audio visual experience altogether.

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The Collectibility 

Just like comics, action figures, and sneakers, vinyl record collecting will bring you to a deep rabbit hole. Album releases offer colored versions and patterns like swirl marble, bloody red, and even holograms on the records themselves. Also, some copies are store exclusives and numbered.  Good luck on keeping just one version of your favorite record. That won’t be possible now!

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The Thrill Of The Hunt 

You know what’s more exciting than new records? The vintage, classic ones! Imagine finding a mint condition printing of an iconic abum that’s older than you? Imagine how many hands the record passed by? It’s crudely like meeting a living legend with a hundred stories to tell. There are so many vintage record stores to visit online as they post their selections often, but be quick as they get swiped by collectors fast!

The Cool Factor 

Pretty much a no-brainer, one can claim 100 records under his name better than some guy with 100 downloaded albums right? Plus, they are definitely instagram worthy! Place the album covers on a coffee table and shoot away. Vinyl has always been a mainstay in one’s hip “must haves” list.

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You know another cool thing to do? Stand up and flip the record over! It’s just so cool to do that!

With all that being said, NOW is the perfect time to invest in a player, and some titles as we are mostly locked up in our homes, the new normal needs a soundtrack, be the DJ! Play music and be safe!

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