The Invictus proved to be a hit silhouette for World Balance. After its debut in 2019, the Invictus has been a solid seller for the Pinoy brand, being offered in a plethora of colorways that include a sick B69 collab from Bigboy Cheng’s Secret Fresh brand boasting camo and red patent leather panels. There’s no sign of the silhouette slowing down either, as World Balance will release the Invictus in monochrome colors.

Coming in four tonal colorways, the Invictus Monochrome pack tones tones things down and emphasize the “less is more” approach. Whether you go for black, beige, green, or red, all four tonal colorways prove to be solid additions to your budget OOTD outfit–especially considering that the Invictus is priced at under Php 2.5k. Not to mention, wearing tonal sneaker colors is a great way to nail that statement look–especially with the vibrant green and red colorways.

After all, each color represents a certain mood and look that will suit anyone and the tonal color blocking is their way of presenting a sneaker that is fit for any style.

Save for the tonal colors, you still get the same trademark build of the Invictus. That includes a mesh upper with leather/suede panels and World Balance’s Bounce Pad insole and EVA foam midsole. Given the good quality (for its very affordable price) of all Invictus releases, we expect the Monochrome pack to have the same level of quality as well.

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If you fancy any of the four (or feeling extra and simply want one of each), you can preorder the Invictus Monochrome pack at the World Balance online store from February 19 to 23, with the official release happening on February 24. There’s no mention if this will be a limited release or not, so it is best to secure a preorder come February 19.




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