The streetwear landscape in the local scene is vast, progressive and up to par with global standards. Though we may have the usual limitations, there is that tenacity and that gung-ho attitude that speaks for the brands and the owners, drawing the most loyal customers in.

Sadly, the situation we’re in has dismantled most of the activities of the brands save for a few online campaigns here and there. This may be a true test of who’s the toughest and most streetwise of them all. As consumers, we have that power to help these local brands thrive and succeed. 

So here’s the message: instead of buying Supreme and Carhartt, think of how much the local scene can benefit from your hard earned moolah. If they succeed, we all succeed and that’s an awesome thing! 
We have assembled a list of local streetwear brands to support and buy from, once we settle in and make the necessary adjustments. Check ’em out:



Secret Fresh 

When you say Bigboy Cheng, one would associate him with sneakers and designer toys. Beyond that, his brand Secret Fresh has been creating the best apparel that is truly bang for the buck! Aside from that, Bigboy’s brand has collaborated already with Islander and World Balance to name a few. 

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Project 7 To 1

A lifestyle brand that embraces the multi-faceted lifestyle of those who truly hustle, Project 7 to 1displays an affinity for those individuals who pursue their passions and thrive in their respective careers. It’s all about doing what you need in order to succeed. From shirts, to utilitarian accessories and an “All Or Nothing” mindset, Project 7 to 1 outfits you and your dreams.


On One’s Own 

A brand that celebrates independence and good old hardwork, On One’s Own fosters a free spirited attitude with designs to turn you into an instant fan. If you are about independence, then On One’s Own should be in your list. 

SIC Supply Co. 

Sic Supply Co. is a brand that is trendy and definitely one to rock if you wanna live up to the hype and match the sneakers you got on.  From tees, sweaters, to hoodies, Sic Supply Co. will let you walk the part with their offerings. 


SNK ATK Design Lab 

If you want that one step ahead of the future, then SNK ATK Design Labsupplies tech clothing for the urban landscape. Making the brand unique is its Japanese, military, and cyberpunk aesthetics, delivering an anime-like vibe. 



Coming from the word “cultured,” you can tell that the KLTRD takes its cultural weight seriously. For them, it’s not just the finished product worn and displayed, but the creative process as well. 

Preferring to take a backseat and go for human spirit and character than hype, this attitude is evident from their releases. They see things both from the POV of the creator and the consumers. 


Thank You PH 

Located in Bulacan, not only do these guys from Thank You PH have interesting designs, they make sure they’ve got friend brands in stock as well. If you happen to be near the area and reppin’ Northern Luzon, you should pay them a visit pretty soon. 



A streetwear brand that dishes out simple yet effective designs that appeal to a more attitude-driven demographic, Implicit’s strength lies in their core support of the streetwear music scene. Implicits notable collabs include OWFVCK and several local rock acts—and they even organize events at the same time.



Nobody harps on being faceless, going more for expression than celebrity power. Their designs lean on the subversive and thought provoking. For Nobody, it’s streetwear leaning more on substance than loud statements. 


The Twelfth House 

The Twelfth Houseis a premium lifestyle brand known for crafting well-detailed, high-quality garments. Their wardrobe lineup consists of top grade button-downs, outerwear and other types of clothing.

Their garments appeal to men of any age group. Premium and well-assembled, making for a sophisticated look. Who says streetwear can’t be dapper?


Daily Grind

The rebel brother of Team Manila, Daily Grindis considered an OG in the streetwear scene, inspiring probably all the brands you see on this list. Their DNA is comprised of music, street culture and everything under the urban sun. Their events and release launches are epic as they’ve got that wild gig or show in store every damn time.

Always visually on point with their releases, one can safely say that takes its aesthetics seriously. Clean with interesting themes and key releases that would look good on anyone, Episodes is definitely one for the list. 



A brand that started out as an outlet for unexpressed ideas, Wednesday considers the T-Shirt to be their basic canvas. Aside from shirts, their bags and military-inspired pieces are also must-haves for the budding streetwear enthusiast. 

Sackit Philippines

Leaning more on the DIY skateboarding & fixed gear scene, Sackit Philippineshas been at it creating bags for those who live the street lifestyle rugged and raw. Their fanny packs have always been utilitarian works of art. DIY or Die! 

We Drool

Starting out as an art project, We Drool started out as just sketches and blank shirts. Armed with an aspirational tone, what once was a friends and family thing has gained a strong following through the years. Still at it, the brand deserves the attention they’ve been getting from local brand supporters. 

 Above The Ankle 

Of course you would need the perfect pair of pants and accessories to match your hottest sneaker grails. Worry no more because Above The Ankle is here to the style rescue! The quality, the fit and the overall aesthetics of their products is topnotch and definitely a brand that’s totally worth every Peso spent! Made in the PH and ready to rock!



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