Whether it involves third-gen groups like Twice, Red Velvet, and Blackpink, or fourth-gen groups like Aespa and Itzy, KPop girl groups have become more popular than ever. We at This is Hype believes that there are other KPop girl groups (especially in the fourth-gen category) that deserve our attention this 2022.

To kick off the year, we listed five groups that should be on your playlist this year. Who knows, they might be the next Itzy or Aespa of this generation.

5 KPop Girl Groups to Check out for 2022

  • Weeekly
  • Kep1er
  • IVE
  • Purple Kiss


Being the first group of seasoned Korean songwriter duo Black Eyed Pilseung, STAYC is a modern take to Twice’s earlier concepts (Black Eyed Pilesung is the songwriter behind hit songs Likey, TT, Fancy, Cheer Up, and Like Ooh-Ahh). The group was one of the hottest rookie groups of 2020 next to Weeekly and Aespa, and they are relatively high-profile: main vocalist Sieun has already made her name prior as an actress, and has seasoned singer-actor Park Nam-Jung as her dad.

Songs to listen: So Bad, ASAP, Stereotype


That’s not a typo: with their group name spelled with three E’s, Weeekly is the junior group to APink, which is one of the oldest (and still active) 2nd-gen KPop girl groups right now. Members Soojin, Jiyoon, and Soeun are familiar to KPop fans as they appeared on YG’s survival show Mix Nine (where Itzy’s Ryujin emerged as the top female contestant), and they have won multiple awards in 2020 that includes being best Rookie Female Group in MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) and Melon Music Awards.

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Songs to listen: Tag Me (@Me), After School, Holiday Party



While it is a project girl group, Kep1er is in a unique position as it is a 4th-gen group with a 3rd-gen idol as its leader with CLC vocalist Yujin. Some of its notable members include Bahiyyih (sister of TXT’s Kai), former Produce 48 contestant Dayeon, and Mashiro–who used to train under JYP with Itzy during their pre-debut days. They kicked off 2022 with their debut single Wa Da Da, which has an EDM-like beat and a girl crush concept.

Song to listen: Wa Da Da


Big fans of project girl group Iz*One–specifically Yujin and Wonyoung–is enough to hype up this new girl group from Starship Entertainment. Coming from the same agency that handled Sistar, IVE has set a record for the fastest girl group to win first place since debut with their single Eleven.

Song to listen: Eleven

Purple Kiss

Managed by RBW Entertainment–known for third-gen girl group Mamamoo, Purple Kiss follows their senior’s concept of quirky music videos with captivating vocals. While not as talked-about as STAYC, IVE, or Weeekly, this group is worth listening to if you are after quality vocals. The group is talented too, as members Swan, Na Goeun, and Yuki actively participate in songwriting and production.

Songs to listen: Ponzona, Zombie, Can We Talk Again


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