When it comes to local streetwear, growth and creativity have always been top factors when it comes to its presence. Call it patriotism, but it would be safe to say that our brands can rival the Supremes and the OFF-WHITEs of the world in due time. Because of the positive reaction our OG list is getting, We took it upon ourselves to create an updated list of top local streetwear brands for 2022, just so we can give you something to refer to when you’re shopping the next time around.

Note that the brands we’re going to mention are not based on the years under their belts or how new they are. It’s just us paying attention to what we see as interesting for the year ahead.

Truly, local streetwear is evolving and we feel like an update is needed to acknowledge how it’s growing. Sit back, relax and enjoy…


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A brand that takes its cues from comic styled art and basketball references, Gunner is a brand that reminds us of Warren Lotas and metal album covers. Flames? check! Skulls? check! NBA vibes? Check! They’ve even got a Spider-Man shirt which we missed out on!


AOP Supply Co. 

Capitalizing on their love for comic characters, AOP Supply Co. have taken the liberty to create All Over Print shirts that unapologetically express total geekdom. From X-Men, to Venom, to Magneto and Green Goblin, these guys embody the DIY ethic as they print these unique 90’s vibed shirts on their own.


Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co. (DBTK) 

A brand that doesn’t need further introduction, DBTK is a brand that pushes itself to the limit every single time. What made us look at them again are their latest efforts which include their very own take on the Dunk Low. The said shoe looks promising and we can’t wait on what this brand can come up with in the future.



If there’s a local brand synonymous with “Pure Hustle” then HGHMNDS Clothing is a brand that epitomizes just that. Owned and run by rapper Omar Baliw, the brand has seen tremendous growth through the years. The brand has also seen itself shift its messaging to self-empowerment and uplifting slogans and graphics. Aside from that, they have been expanding their product scope to cut and sew pieces, shoes, and accessories–HGHMNDS umbrellas anyone?

Label Shoes PH 

If you’re into skate shoes, then you know how expensive and how easily shredded they are. Label Shoes PH offers affordable skate shoes that has quality written all over it. We’ve reviewed one of their pairs as well. What we like about the brand is their will to explore other avenues like clothing which looks just as promising.

Nerves X Vibes 

Originally hailing from Cebu, Nerves X Vibes is a brand that draws inspiration from skateboarding, tattoo, street art, hip-hop, and rock culture. You can say that the brand is a melting pot of everything they love and it shows through their products. True love indeed.



Hailing from Lemery Batangas, ELTST or Elitist is a brand that takes pride in the things they do and that reflects in every product they drop.

Their bio also says that being elite does not imply hierarchy or rank, but being your own boss with the things you are most passionate about. Well said!


Bulletpunk TEQWEAR 

An extension of the QUICCS universe, Bulletpunk TEQWEAR is probably the next best thing to own next to your QUICCS art toy collection. But be quick as they sell out the day of the drop. From shirts to hoodies, to masks and other accessories, QUICCS and co. never runs out of crazy products for us to geek out on.


Truly, the vintage wave is really at an all-time high and if you want to be decked out in rap/basketball bootleg shirts, then TCMNL is the way to go. From their Snoop Dogg to Rihanna face shirts and their Drake and Eminem releases, you really can’t go wrong. If you can’t just drop 20K on a vintage rap or NBA tee, then this may be your best bet.


If you want your streetwear to have a biblical twist to it, then Scriptures is your go-to brand. What’s amusing about them is that their products have that rock/metal band aesthetic to them which really works. Who says religion and streetwear can’t mix? There’s a market for everything!
That wraps up our updated list of top local streetwear brands to look out for this 2022. Speaking of local streetwear, here’s our list for the Top 5 Local Streetwear releases for 2021.


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