Skate shoes are definitely one of the most wearable types of footwear that your hard-earned money can buy. They are durable, made for daily wear, and are practically sound for anyone wanting A LOT of mileage from their footwear.

As a non-skater, I can understand the dilemma in purchasing shoes that go for Php 5,000 up only to get shredded in the process. It’s the way it is, but then it hurts the wallet more than we want to admit it. 

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Label Shoe Co has always been at the forefront of creating functional, yet affordable skate shoes that won’t cramp your style. We recently received their latest signature model, the “N1 V2.0” and we’re here to break down the nitty-gritty details.

What’s New?

Upon receiving the package, we were taken aback by the fancy wine container packaging. That’s pretty impressive, as we are too accustomed to the normal shoebox fare.

This is basically the latest version of the N1 Skate Shoe and by the looks of it, they’ve really upped the ante with this one. The suede is done up in a nice finish, the vulcanized soles with the gum bottoms feel durable, and the tongues feel really plush to the touch.

We were so impressed with the quality of the leather on this one. It feels so deluxe and premium that we had to take a step back and wonder how much each pair costs to make.

What’s new here is that a local skate shoe brand is still at it with improving what they’ve created and we are fans of that. A quality local brand we can be proud of.

The Fit and The Sizing

Go true to size on this one. It’s a bit snug at first but that comes with the territory. Continued use will definitely break these in for a comfier fit.

Given that it’s made of plush leather and suede, the shoe will fit your feet in no time.

Where to Buy Them

Ready for a beating, the Label Shoe Co “N1 V2.0” is available in three colorways for Php 1,900 in sizes 6 to 12 via their Official Lazada Store. 

Label Shoe Co N1 V2.0 Verdict 

If you want a functional locally made skate shoe that can take a generous beating of grip tape and asphalt, then these will do the job. Php 1,900 for a skate shoe isn’t bad at all. Hell, you don’t even need to be a skateboarder to appreciate the effort and the materials behind this release. Highly recommended!

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