Streetwear is indeed a global phenomenon and the Philippines have been getting wind of it for the longest time as well. It’s awesome to say that we have already absorbed and lived the culture that some creative individuals took it upon themselves to build their own streetwear empires.


Well, in this time of brand influx, for sure, we’re gonna miss some mentions here and there! Fresh from our previous list which drew reactions and nods of approval, we figured we assembled another list for your reference!

We’ve based these brands on social media presence and of course their wearability and yes, the affordability as well. Some are starting out, some are established but all of them are unique and ready to rock!

In Bloom 

If you want to dress up differently with a flair for the almighty overall print polo, Lito Atienza style, then In Bloom is your source for limited edition polo button-downs with radically loud prints.

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The best thing about it is they don’t produce that much in large quantities, so your polo is practically yours to own!



Based in Los Banos, Enimal is an independent lifestyle brand/apparel that harps on music, extreme sports, and design.

Their overall print polos are something else. They also have strong ties with the musicians and skaters in the Los Banos / Laguna scene.


Project BeGone 

Project Be. Gone provides the mech lovers with something to rock. Design and graphic-heavy, their designs are print-worthy as well.

The owner and designer, Ivan also plays drums for the band Lostthreads. 



Owned by members of seminal Rap Metal Legends Greyhoundz and Queso, the brand maintains a strong streetwise attitude that gives way to their band shirt meets streetwear appeal.



They have also been actively supporting both heavy and rap music scenes which is an added plus in our book. There is unity in diversity right?


Days Clothing Co. 

Yes, we’ve written about their PPEs a week ago, but that doesn’t stop the fact that the brand dishes out some nice products indeed.

From hoodies to shirts, they got you covered. Their latest one is a play on color which is a nice deviation from all the doom and gloom.



Don’t let the name fool you: they have ventured forth to different designs and styles that it extends now more to skate communities and music as well. Their latest collection has a nice relaxed look to it that brings summer vibes in advance!


Sneakerhead owned and run, Benign is a brand that utilizes positive messages onto their line of shirts and hoodies. And they got masks too! One for the shoe heads, their owner Alfred Shoenobi is one of the craziest collectors in the scene.


Rise Of Brutality 

Known for their heavy metal aesthetics, Rise Of Brutality minces no words when it comes to their statements. Loud and uncompromising, they take streetwear to darker avenues.




With their wide array of wearables, STILT manages to keep everything unique with a common theme and art style that belongs to them. Their shorts are comfy as they are stylish.



A Cebu based lifestyle brand that’s been known in the game for years. Their designs are no-nonsense with an alternative lifestyle appeal that resonates with rockers, the outcasts, and those who choose to live their lives with a dose of “I don’t care” attitude.

So there, definitely not a final list of brands we love, this will do for now as we will have more lists soon!

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