Times are indeed changing—and so is the course of fashion and function. To address this, some entrepreneurs have begun banking on the next big thing: The face mask.

Already a fashion staple in Korea and Japan, it used to be weird when you rocked one here in the Philippines as they thought you’re up to no good hence the concealing of your face. But now…people would actually call you out for not wearing one in public.

More of a necessity for the new normal, the blank canvas is enough for designers to actually explore and see what style treatment it could be given. From innovative materials down to pop culture and streetwear graphic branding, the facemask will surely be a staple for years to come.


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Leaning on mech and art toys? Then the TEQMASK v2.0 cloth facemask is it chief! It features a new slot for soft masks and other types of filters.

1 disposable mask comes free with every order. Available in limited quantities.

Team Manila

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Are you one of those who brave the Manila streets daily? Then this one is right up your alley!

Simple and enough to get you through the virus and the pollution, Team Manila did this one a solid!

Rise Of Brutality

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If you want to show the world your wicked side in style, then look no further!

Rise Of Brutality is a rock/metal brand that has extended their bad ass graphics onto something fit for today’s times.


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A humorous spin on things, Kontrabrand states the obvious with their custom facemasks. Much of a twist to the “If you can read this then you’re too close” strategy.

Nicely done and delivers the message without you saying a word.

Lazy Anne & Chop Chop Lady

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Originally an accessory shop for the punk/goth kind, the brand has adjusted seamlessly into mask making and who are we to argue with that look? Social distancing will be observed as requested!


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Riding the wave of new normal fashion is streetwear brand Implicit who consistently supports the local rap hip-hop scene. Masks are essential to the look and now everyone can rock a mask without being tagged in gang activity and what not. Simple and effective.

It’s Sole Good
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If you can’t get enough of the YEEZY Waverunner, might as well display your allegiance for them with a mask!

This one looks so good that you’ll look a bit like Gundam from afar. No YEEZY purchase required and you’ll be looking as good!

RG Skills

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Sneaker restoration and customizer extraordinaire RG Skills has dropped a couple of banging masks in elephant print true to the Tinker Hatfield DNA.

MJ would be impressed! A tribute? Yeah, you can say that!


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Made out of excess fabrics from the brand’s creations, these masks feature woven work by local Davao artisans.

The brand states that proceeds of the mask sales wll be for aiding students fund their online classes, specifically those whose parents are currently jobless because of Covid-19.

Overall, the mask is now deemed an essential item and a requirement for you to be out and about. Yes, it may cost a bit but consider these things as investments—not only for you to look good and protected but to keep these independent brands to stay afloat and create even more awesome products. Support local, stay sane and safe!


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