Here in the Philippines, we are only blessed with two weather conditions: rainy and sunny. And most of the time, just when you thought it would be the perfect day to rock your favorite pair of shoes, it more than likely rains–ruining your prized grails in the process. Imagine going somewhere and ending up with a soggy pair of grails? It’s a heartbreaking and wallet ripping experience especially if you are so invested in them. 

Enter the Drykicks X Street by Dani Shoe Cover…

What’s New? 

It’s definitely off-putting at first as it’s literally a raincoat for your shoes. But then upon opening the package it’s in, you’ll get the hang of it. Our good friend and sneaker/streetwear influencer Street By Dani definitely has contributed her trademark look and vibe here through the graphic treatment all over the shoe covers.

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This is a stylish and functional shoe cover that will protect your shoe from rain and mud and we’re loving the looks of it. The materials are water-resistant and come with double-layered zippers for that extra sheet of protection. The best of all though? You won’t look awkward rocking them. Do you know those stylish high-end fashion boots? They kind of remind us of them and no, they won’t look like dumplings on foot.

The Fit and the Sizing 

The most accurate way of knowing your size is through measuring the sole length of your shoes and providing a 1-2cm allowance. Personally, slipping them on is a breeze considering we tried it out on a Nike Dunk SB shoe which is generally bulky in nature. They look really good.

Where to Buy Them

Now readily available via Drykicks’ Shopee Store for only Php 299, this is clearly a no-brainer purchase if you like getting around in your prized shoes all the time. Given the Philippine weather’s unpredictable nature, you’re going to thank us later when it rains cats and dogs!

Drykicks x Street by Dani Shoe Cover Verdict 

This falls on the “need” list more than the ‘want” side, as it is an essential thing to bring for those long travels or spontaneous trips where you’ll never know when the rain hits. It also can come in handy in dusty situations like construction sites and all that. Instead of bringing an extra pair of beater shoes which is impractical, this shoe cover does the job with less bulk… Highly recommended! We never thought we needed this one… until now!

In other news, we’ve recently hit up a conversation with Ox Street on their mission in making exclusive pairs easier to obtain. Check that out here. 


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