What are NFT assets and why are people talking about it?

NFT or Non Fungible Tokens. You’ve probably been hearing it and wondered what it was—or maybe you already know what it is. In our case, we got curious so we did our researched found out that some that local celebrities are already making the career move of creating one. Want to know more about NFTs? Read on as we discuss the NFT basics and where it is in the Filipino entertainment and art scene.

So what exactly is it?

Simply put, an NFT is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger or a blockchain, which can be sold and traded. It can be associated with a particular digital or physical asset and a license to use the asset for a certain purpose. NFTs can be anything digital like drawings, music and buying one will usually get you some basic usage rights. For instance, being able to post it online.

To own one, you have to own Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dogecoin which you can buy from Coins.ph, Binance, Coinbase, or your preferred source. Once you have funded your Ethereum’s digital wallet like Metamask, you can visit marketplaces like OpenSea and see if any of the items there interests you.

Filipino Celebrities Own an NFT

Curious to know some of the Filipino Celebrities have NFTs? Read on to find out who they are.

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Apl de AP

Image from Apl De Ap Official IG

Apl de AP is one of the Filipinos who have NFTs. Earlier this year he launched four single edition NFTs of his unreleased music in the form of one-of-a-kind videos. In an interview, he shared that he sees NFTs as an opportunity for Filipinos in the creative scene to bring their art into a much wider audience. The proceeds of the rapper’s NFTs benefit First Mint Fund and a Thames International scholarship program through which creatives can earn a business certificate.

Get his NFTs via https://portion.io/.

Nadine Lustre

Image from Nadine Lustre Official IG

Several days ago, actress-singer Nadine Lustre released her first NFTs, with over 1,000 editions of her single Wait For Me and putting it up for sale at $30.12 or roughly P1500.
Nadine’s “Wait For Me” NFTs are available on enter.audio, a platform for music NFTs.
The single currently has 232K views on YouTube, so we’re curious to see how its following will translate in terms of NFT sales.


Heart Evangelista

Image from Hear Evangelista Official IG

For months, Heart Evangelista worked with Cryptopop’s Luis Buenaventura (one of the world’s first NFT artists) and Rodel Colmenar (composer of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra), to create her first NFT offerings, which brought two of her paintings to life. The celebrity took to Instagram to explain her new business venture and the steps she took to achieve it.

Own one via https://opensea.io/collection/heart-cryptopop

So now that you know more about NFTs and their relevance, are you thinking of owning one? For more things on popular culture, continue to visit us at This is Hype.



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