In today’s hype driven world of sneakers, there is no other way to stand out but to keep away from all the noise and clutter. Frankly, comfort and practicality have taken a huge backseat as almost everyone wants the next loud sneaker after the other.

But then, there are a few of us who are now finally gravitating towards more functional and quality-driven pairs that beg to be worn on the daily. For sure, the pairs that attract us may not be as cheap but they promise you tons of mileage therefore, you get your money’s worth. 

That’s the case for the New Balance 990V5 Made in USA in the Castlerock colorway.

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What’s New

There’s really nothing new about this sneaker except that it’s the fifth version of a classic New Balance sneaker. The fact that it has been an overlooked shoe and is not really that hard to find is beyond us.

We’re so accustomed to New Balances that are made in China, so the fact that this is made in USA, is something fresh. And boy, we are so impressed. The fact that this particular New Balance comes in grey is something new at least for us as we’re used to loud almost obnoxious sneakers. One thing’s for sure, this shoe probably is the most comfortable pair we’ve ever worn. It may be the build, the materials, or how your foot lands inside but it’s comfortable like pillows on feet.


We can’t stress this further, go half a size down on them. The toe boxes are pretty roomy so it’s either you deal with that and experience the occasional heel slip or just take our advice. Nothing better than a nice form-fitting shoe.

How Do We Feel About Them

Probably the best pair we’ve ever tried on from New Balance, no doubt this shoe is their flag bearer product. Labeled as a Dad Shoe, no wonder dads really want them as they are so wearable. The make, build, and colorway all come together perfectly. The mere fact that this pair is a “MADE” pair is a level up in quality. The tight stitches, the high grain suede, and overall appearance and feel make this worth every Peso spent.

Where To Buy

They are also readily available via the New Balance USA site for $185.99(~Php 9.7k). For sure, some resellers may have them in stock but their profit margins aren’t really crazy. In fact, they may be doing you more service in making them easier to obtain than them getting more moolah out of you.

The New Balance 990 V5 Verdict: 9.5/10

If you’re tired of the current influx of loud and uncomfortable sneakers (Dunks and Jordans, we’re looking at you) then this may be your next best bet. They are not grail sneakers or anything and that’s where the New Balance 990 V5 Made in USA stands: take it or leave it. They are nice, practical and there’s a reason why they remain favored by dads and supermodels–maybe you deserve a pair in your rotation.

In other New Balance related reviews, here’s our take on their water-inspired collab with Salehe Bembury. 


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