In one’s sneaker journey there will always be that insatiable craving for that rare, unattainable sneaker. Of course, due to budget constraints, it’s either you just look away, or you find other ways to obtain it.

In our case, we just can’t take our eyes off the 7-Eleven Nike SB Dunks: a discontinued shoe that is now floating on GOAT for crazy prices. Care to spare $8,550 for this unreleased pair?

Discontinued for undisclosed reasons, we just can’t get the pair off our minds. We just had to own one! 

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Thankfully, there are ones who discovered that the 7-Eleven colorway can be replicated via Nike By You using the Dunk Low silhouette. We then took the plunge and pre-ordered a pair from a reseller and oh boy, we were so happy with the results!

The Materials 

Probably the best set of materials we’ve seen on a Nike Dunk, this sure blows your regular releases out of the water. The plush pebbled leather, the vibrant colors, the overall presentation scream extra special here!

Compared to Dunks that release on retail, the Nike By You ones appear to have a better set of materials. This one is a breath of fresh air from your usual mass-produced affair with glue stains and uneven leather cuts. This shoe just feels like extra effort has been given in its manufacturing process. 

What’s New?

The new thing about this pair is that it’s a close enough remake of a really expensive and unobtainable Nike Dunk. Of course, we’re missing a few elements like the 7-Eleven branding, the fat tongue and the extra padding on the sock liners–but we really don’t mind!

We also put in some spare white SB laces for maximum effect.

The Sizing

As with all Nike Dunks, these fit true to size. And given the nice leather material, it will mold to your feet as you wear them more and more.

Where To Buy Them?

You can actually create them via Nike By You, but sad to say they are always sold out! Fortunately, there are some enterprising resellers out there flipping pre-made pairs for just Php 10,000. For sure it’s a bit steep, but given the impossibility of owning the real shoe, this is the closest you can get! 

It’s no secret that there’s an existing Nike by You program in the Philippines, though we often get Air Force 1s under the program for limited time periods.

Nike By You 7-Eleven Dunk Verdict

If you got a chance to get one in your size, go get a pair! You won’t be disappointed! The colors pop, the materials are bangers; they are definitely worth the price tag on them! Highly recommended!

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