It seems that artists from the music industry are on a creative high as of late, with fresh content being released left and right. We have been given several new albums across various genres such as Drake’s recent ‘Certified Lover Boy‘, Kanye West’s ‘DONDA‘, Ben and Ben’s ‘Pebble House Vol. 1 Kuwaderno’ and with more scheduled to be released in the coming months.

Our playlists will continue to grow with a diverse set of new songs from our favorite artists this 2021. Included in the list is an album for those looking for some feel-good and emotionally jarring music, as LANY just released a new album entitled gg bb xx. We’ve listened to gg bb xx in its entirety and have come up with a track-by-track review to see if LANY is still on top of their game:

LANY gg bb xx review: A Quick Overview

gg bb xx is the 4th studio album by LANY which they produced alongside Andrew Goldstein and John Ryan. It was released on September 3rd, through Side Street Entertainment. In an Amazon Music editorial, lead singer Paul Klein explains that “gg bb xx focuses on micro-moments or “flashes” that we experience and these moments come and go in the blink of an eye”. These moments are the focal points of the album as it transports us to various “flashes” amidst our current situations.

LANY gg bb xx Album Review: A Closer Look

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get away

The first track in the album kicks everything off with an iconic sounding LANY song while serving as a taste of what the rest of the album would offer. This is a track that embodies everything that fans love from the artist with his smooth falsettos, sick yet chill beats, and catchy hook. Furthermore, its melody is engaging and draws you into LANY’s dreamy arrangement and smooth bass drops. It’s a balanced track altogether that gives us just enough to want more and be in a state of excitement for the rest that is to come throughout the album.

up to me 

This track exudes electric energy. The second song in gg bb xx points so far points to more upbeat tones while still delivering a laid-back vibe. The way these melodies and beats are done serve as a backdrop for the honesty and simplicity in the lyrics such as those found in this song’s chorus. The lines, “if it was up to me, I’d be with you all night” makes an impact that is complimented perfectly by the song’s instrumental background.

nevermind let’s break up

This track boasts of LANY’s signature rhythm, topped with a catchy phrase that is looped and blended to create an anthem-like “breakup” song. It doesn’t stand out as much as the rest of the album, but it is still worth listening to. The lyrics of the song serve as an open letter regarding the frustrations of people in a relationship before finally calling it off. The upbeat nature of the song brings these lyrics into a new light as it still manages to be fun to listen to because of impeccable lyrical and melodic arrangement.

Check out this stripped-down version which is just a fresh and beautiful take on the song.


LANY knows how to say the right things to make anyone giddy and excited. This song is an outpouring of chivalry and a declaration of a man who is clearly all in when it comes to love. It’s like LANY is declaring that love is meant to be done this way, no halfway kind of love, and for all the men to take notes. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but put on loop because of its infectious, hypnotic but at the same time relaxed melody, arrangement, and lyrics. It’s one of the more tender and personal sounding tracks so far from this album with a delivery that feels conversational – reflective of what the song is about, an all-out kind of love.

roll over, baby

This track showcases a version of LANY that fans have come to love. We still get a beautifully layered track but the lyrics and melodies are stripped down and feel so intimate and real. This is a song that is reminiscent of ILYSB in terms of its heartfelt lyric and slow beats. The vocals looping and layering are spot-on and overall the song is just an all-out creative showcase. When you pair it with wordplay of roll over, baby that glues the whole song together, the result is a song that sticks with you – delivering an LSS unlike any other for weeks or months on end.

For a different listening experience for this song, check out the stripped version which is just pure ear candy.

live it down

Simplicity takes center stage again in this track. With an acoustic guitar and Paul Klein’s vocals, live it down, feels like a refreshing track altogether. In its simplicity, this song boasts emotionally wrecking lyrics and a mood that is so honest, vulnerable as if everything said leaves the persona bare and naked for all to see. It has that classic LANY sound but also one that is taken up several notches higher in its vulnerability.

dancing in the kitchen

The song’s fun shift of rhythm paired with a fun melody and instrument choices, make this a highly immersive track. It’s the perfect mid-album track that gets you hyped again to listen to the rest of it. It is a track that keeps you on your feet with subtle key changes, beat drops, and melodic arrangements that make it engaging from start to finish. Furthermore, this track wonderfully captures the fact that simple things in life can make an impact when we do them with the people we love which is something we all need to be reminded of today.

ex i never had

This track contains the most Pop-like sound so far throughout the album from the chopped-up type delivery of the chorus to the overall lyrical message. There is rant-like quality to this song as the persona speaks up about a one-sided and almost delusional type of love affair. The honesty and straightforwardness however are greatly appreciated and are very relatable to some of us at one point or another. At this point, we appreciate the album’s arrangement choices, because even if their songs have the same sound, there are still subtle tricks and surprises that make them very unique.


It’s definitely one of our favorites in the mix and we have to stop and acknowledge that simple yet sick drum loop in the intro. It’s that kind of introduction that hints at a creative masterpiece of a track. This is a track that is fresh and different from the rest that we have heard so far with laid-back beats and instrumentals that allow the lyrics to speak for themselves. The track talks about redemption and finding one’s self again, something many people can relate to the most nowadays. Sometimes, simple is really the way to go and LANY nailed it with this one.

care less

The energy is on an all-time high again with care less, imbibing the same vibe as up to me. The instrumentals are reminiscent of other indie-pop artists such as Two Door Cinema Club with perfectly timed synths and beats. It’s a track that is boosting with so much vibrancy and upbeat tones that it simply exudes the juxtaposition of peaceful chaos. A lot is happening all at once but it somehow makes sense when you listen to it. The message is a little less hopeful but it still reflects the theme and perspective of brutal honesty. Like every LANY track care less is packaged in a pretty and catchy melody as the lyrics capture the vulnerability behind the song.

’till i don’t

It’s the second to the last track. The arrangement is sort of the breather from the rest of the album – showcasing a very light and airy vibe. This takes us back to the classic LANY songs that we have loved in the past like current location. Lyric-wise, this track puts the realistic side of dating in a fun, easy-to-listen-to song. You may not end up with them forever, but we try to make the most of the moments we have with them anyway.

one minute left to live

The last track in gg bb xx is a timely track for our current situation nowadays. It has a  hopeful and vulnerable tune to it that perfectly caps things off.  We feel that this would be one of the most underrated tracks of the album, and would make an awesome soundtrack of a John Green-Esque indie film. It’s the kind of track that doesn’t make a big impact initially, but then you learn to love it as you listen further. It is so poetic in the way it is arranged and written even down to the last seconds of the song as it slowly fades away – embodying the very essence of the lyrics and the theme of the unexpected nature of life.

LANY gg bb xx Album Review Verdict

In all honesty, the album as a whole sounded exactly like we would expect from the band. Each track somehow sounded the same – giving a taste of the familiar. In its essence, our review shows that gg bb xx sticks to the familiar LANY sound we all know. At first, it may seem perplexing if that’s a good thing but in the end, we have come to the conclusion that consistency is a great attribute. Also, when an artist is as creative and as honest as LANY, how could that be taken as a bad thing. Their signature dreamy and electro-pop music is the perfect go-to music for almost any occasion. We definitely suggest that you add Lany’s newest album to your playlist and get ready for an immersive and relaxing experience.

Listen to everything from LANY including gg bb xx, which is perfect for any day, any weather, and even any activity you choose to do.

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