Just days after Kanye West officially released his 10th studio album DONDA, Drake attempts to steal the spotlight with his own studio album (his 6th specifically) Certified Lover Boy. Due to the close proximity of both drops and the ongoing feud between Kanye and Drake, many fans tend to compare both works.

However, before doing so, let’s have a proper review of the set of tracks released by none other than the 6 God himself. While Certified Lover Boy has been delayed for about a year, the buildup for this album has actually taken place over the span of 5 years. During this time, Drake managed to sustain his influence on the rap game and pop culture through the release of original tracks such as More Life, Care Package’, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, and the album Scorpion.

Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Album Review: The must-listen tracks

Champagne Poetry

Drake’s opener in his CLB album follows the exact same trajectory of most of his other opening tracks. Despite this, the upbeat and positive energy is successful in luring listeners in for the rest of the album. However, the use of the Beatles’ Michelle as a sample is nothing new. In fact, the relatively known American musician Masego has used the exact same tune for his song, Navajo. For those familiar with Masego, Champagne Poetry becomes quite underwhelming as it lacks something new.

7am On Bridle Path

From the title alone, 7am On Bridle Path pays homage to Drake’s previous am/pm works including 6am in Toronto, and 6pm in New York. The track utilizes a rather steady beat while Drake references several big names such as Vito Rizzuto, Giannis Antetokounmpo, David Caruso, and T-Pain.

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Acting as some sort of successor to Drake’s hit One Dance, Fountains boasts a very similar dance tune. However, it turns out that the older track left a spot too big to fill as Fountains sounds rather stale compared to the extremely successful One Dance.

Girls Want Girls

Drake takes a more sentimental and moody turn with the track Girls Want Girls. Here, he discusses how where he is from, girls tend to prefer other girls. Looking back once again at Drake’s previous works, Girls Want Girls serves as a more upbeat iteration of Time Flies, which is a part of 2020’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

N 2 Deep

N 2 Deep stands for more than just another track on the album. In fact, this track is where we get to see Drake stray away from his comfort zone – something he hasn’t done in a while. As it features Future, we get alternating bars from both greats after the guitar opening half.

Way 2 Sexy

Way 2 Sexy is arguably the most polarizing track on Certified Lover Boy. This comes as no surprise considering the track features both Future and Young Thug. The song works around the sample of Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy. Later in the song, Young Thug seamlessly inserts himself, demonstrating a strong sense of versatility. If that’s not enough, the music video is just as polarizing, with NBA star Kawhi Leonard making a rather funny appearance.

The Remorse

Finally, Drake closes his most recent album with The Remorse. Similar to the closing tracks of all his past albums, Drake ends on a reflective note as he looks back at what he has achieved and what he sets out to achieve. Considering the context of when the album dropped, perhaps one of the biggest challenges in Drake’s future is battling Kanye for the rap turf.

Drake – Laugh Now Cry Later (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Durk

Certified Lover Boy: Review Verdict

Overall, this album of Drake is nothing special nor out of the norm. Drake employs very similar flows and subjects as seen in his past works. With that being said, it would have been more exciting to see Drake step out of his comfort zone more, just like he does in N 2 Deep. But as we get two separate albums from two future rap hall of Famers, who are we to complain.

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