Crocs have always been laughed at and hated generally for its chunky silhouette–not to mention its overall “old man” vibe. For sure, nothing can change that it’s just a weird piece of footwear that you can’t really categorize.

Well, maybe that’s the reason why it’s such a polarizing shoe:it is pretty ugly and they don’t really look like a pair someone would pay top dollar for. Until recently, the said brand has somehow infiltrated the streetwear world with much success. Collabs with Post Malone, Chinatown Market, Pleasures, and recently BEAMS suddenly turned heads among those who want something different–even if Crocs have that tainted reputation.

Yours truly, used to laugh at Crocs at it just looked weird to me. It just never made its way to my shelf or feet until recently when a friend sent me a link. There it was, the Crocs x BEAMS Military Clogs in my size, and in the last pair no less.

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So I went ahead and got them. The verdict? I love them!

Yes, I’m saying that I love them sincerely. They are like Crocs on steroids. It’s a pair of Crocs that you’ve never seen before! Decked out in a bomber jacket-like material, the colors remind me of the grail-level UNDFTD Air Jordan 4s, which is an added plus. And true to what Crocs has to offer, the comfort level on these are amazing!

One slip of the feet and I can’t take them off, they’re the most comfortable footwear on the planet. They even have an adjustable backstrap for more, uhm, extreme activities. Though not really needed, it’s a welcome option.

I also am making use of those cargo pockets that come with them, as they are very practical. I’ve put my ATM cards, IDs, throat sprays, and money in there. Totally utilitarian, and they just feel like Crocs have arrived in my book.

If ever you come across one for retail–which is at Php 5,495, do give them a try as they are truly worth it. If 2021 was a shoe, then this is it. You think it won’t be a need and more of a want, but it’s a must.

In other news, Danil Yad’s toy designs are a must for your shelves. We spoke with the designer himself here.


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