While some of us may know the brand ASICS for their Gel Lyte models as a part of streetwear culture, the sports equipment company is founded upon their reputable running shoes. However, ASICS has come a long way from its founding in 1977, when it was still known as Onitsuka Tiger. Through the years, the brand has found advanced ways to incorporate innovation into every sneaker in an attempt to enhance the running experience. This same purpose is seen in ASICS’ newest running shoe models, the METASPEED Sky and METASPEED Edge.

In an industry first, the ASICS METASPEED Sky and Edge have each been scientifically designed with a distinct type of running style in mind. The new racing sneakers help elite athletes reach the top of their game, because they don’t have to adjust their running style to fit the shoe anymore; instead, ASICS is giving them high-performance shoes that support their running style.


The METASPEED Sky racing shoe is designed to help runners go faster by extending their stride length considerably. Stride-type runners take a longer stride once they start increasing their speed. Thanks to an energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate, runners wearing these shoes will be able to conserve more energy while maintaining their pace at the later stages of the race.


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The METASPEED Edge racing shoe is designed to help cadence-type runners go faster by extending their stride length while allowing them to control cadence more easily. Cadence-type runners increase both cadence and stride as they run faster. Runners wearing these shoes will experience a fast underfoot feel, thanks to the energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate. These components allow them to elongate their stride and conserve more energy while controlling their pace.

Both sneakers were unveiled at ASICS’ Innovation Summit 2021 – the brand’s annual showcase of the very pinnacle of new performance sportswear. The event culminated in the grand reveal of its ground-breaking METASPEED innovation – the latest era-defining moment in this journey. While both sneakers may be hard to tell apart, a significant difference can be felt when worn.

Currently, the METASPEED Sky is available on ASICS’ website for a retail price of $325(~Php 15.8k), while the METASPEED Edge is scheduled to release on June 4, 2021. For all the stride-type runners, the perfect shoe, according to ASICS, awaits. And for all the cadence-type runners, be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming information regarding the METASPEED Edge!

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