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This $700 Optimus Prime Toy Can Transform By Itself

Probably, the coolest toy ever to grace the planet. Meet the Robosen Optimus Prime!

These are truly insane times. When a robot company decides to merge with a toy company, they go on to roll out what is probably the most innovative toy we’ve seen in our lifetimes. It is so one-of-a-kind, the most hardcore of fans in us almost have no choice but to give in.

Transformers fans are in a frenzy just this past few days because of a new Optimus Prime toy–a 19-inch figure that transforms on its own by voice command or a downloadable app. The culprit? Robosen, a robotics company that recently made a move to the States to finally team up with Hasbro to drop definitely one of the craziest toys EVER.


The price tag? A hefty $699.99(~Php 34k). But then, all that moolah can be justified by way of an Optimus Prime that responds to 25 different voice commands (voiced by the one and only Peter Cullen) and is ready to follow the user’s own custom movements via tutorials.

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Here’s a clip of Jay and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) showing the said toy in all its self transforming glory!


The Autobot hero comes with his battle ax and gun, and yes, the overall aesthetics of the toy is indeed faithful to its 80’s look which brings nostalgia to the older market. Its overall look is also appealing enough to kids as well…

Care to brag about it wherever you go? The figure comes in a travel case, a charging cable, and an instruction guide. The app is ready for download both from the Apple App Store & Android App Store by keying in “Robosen Optimus Prime.”

It was up for pre-order via Hasbro’s website, and is already gone by the time you read this. Much like sneakers, this guy is both a collector (and) a reseller’s dream! Best try your look when it’s on hand already!

In other toy-related news, this SG-Based Filipino is making waves in the global art toy scene! 


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